News Articles from the Mesa Press

In Tents

“In Tents”

I was a staff writer at the Mesa Press during the spring 2014 semester, my news story “In Tents” made the cover story of our fifth issue. This story covered an annual campus awareness event referred to as the “Tents of Truth”. This event, which simulated a form of every-day racism in each tent, was meant to bring awareness to those that haven’t had exposure to racism. After writing this article, more students and faculty attended the last day of the event, and others planned to attend the following year. After publishing this article, I was awarded a Pressie Award by my peers for “Most Promising Newcomer of Spring 2014”. To read the full article, click here.


“When Private Opinions Become Public Scandals”


During my time as a staff writer on the Mesa Press, I wrote an opinion article covering the Donald Sterling racism scandal, titled “When Private Opinions Become Public Scandals”.  I was given another Pressie Award (pictured above) by my peers for “Best Opinion Story of Spring 2014”. To read this piece, click here.