Creative Campaigns from SDSU Advertising Classes


Client: Walden Farms


The Soulmate to the Dinner Plate

Product: Diet Salad Dressing


The Soulmate to the Lunch Plate


For my Advertising Creative class at SDSU, I had to create a creative campaign for the client Walden Farms and their line of diet-friendly salad dressings. I decided to sell the idea of the salad dressing as the “soulmate to the plate”. The print ads I created are pictured above and were made using Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign and Photoshop). I received 100% on this project, as well as a few laughs from my classmates. To view the entire PDF of my campaign, including the thought process that went behind it, click here.

The Soulmate to the Snack Plate

Client: Netflix

Product: Netflix Labyrinth 

By: Haley Daniels, Jimena Esquivel Pereda, Kenneth McNicol, Bryan Souvannasane and Joey Zaliagiris

For my capstone class at SDSU (Advertising Campaigns), my group and I were assigned to the brand Netflix for the entire semester. Our group came up with a fictitious ad agency called Chameleative, and it was our responsibility to extend Netflix’s product category. We decided to develop the Netflix Labyrinth — a virtual reality headset that allows you to stream your favorite shows for individual viewing purposes. Throughout the semester we analyzed the market and came up with a creative strategy. To view our campaign book,  click here.

Client: GoldieBlox

goldie campaign

Product: Building Toy Sets

For my final project in my creative advertising class, my client was the little girl’s building sets brand GoldieBlox. My entire campaign was based off the idea that if little girls played with these toys, they would become productive members of society. I received an A on this project and raised the awareness of this fairly new brand to many. To view my entire campaign click here.