Things to Consider Before Setting Up a Website

In the digital world we live in, it’s been easier than ever to create your very own website. Don’t get me wrong, each and every website still comes with its own unique set of challenges and hurdles, but you don’t have to let that stop you. I’ve created a few sample sites for school projects, a side e-commerce project I’m working on, and of course this awesome little blog of mine! Trust me it’s so easy to abandon your website due to the overwhelming possibilities and customizations you’re faced with during the initial setup process. Well, let me give you a few steps that will help you stay focused and make consistent progress overtime! Continue reading

What I’ll Miss the Most about IMCP


I remember it like it was yesterday. I was panicking. Panicking that I wouldn’t get in, panicking that I had made a mistake by starting a new job, and panicking that I wouldn’t be good enough. It was the first day of the Interactive Media Certificate Program, and I still wasn’t sure if I had actually made it into the program yet. I was so nervous! In the background, I had already applied and accepted a part-time job at a tech startup and hadn’t even told my job at the time that I was planning on leaving to go back to school. Everything was boiling down to that initial class meeting. I was number 42 out of the 44 people that were allowed in the class. In the beginning, it was so packed that I had to use my own laptop and didn’t even have a workstation with a desk. About two weeks into the program I was able to get a workstation that included a desk and a classroom computer, and about three months in everyone in my row had dropped from the program. Now only about 16 of us have actually stuck it out through the nights and weekend classes that have made up the last 10 months! A week from tomorrow I will have earned my certificate in interactive media and graphic design and I almost can’t believe that this journey is coming to an end! Even though I was nervous about committing to such an intense program, I have absolutely no regrets! Looking back, I am so much more knowledgeable and marketable now as an advertiser than I was back in September. These are a few of the reasons that I’m so glad that I took this program.

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When Is Your Project Truly Done?

Have you ever worked on something for so long that you can’t tell if it needs more adjusting or if you just made it way too convoluted? Whether it’s a graphic, a song, a section of code, or a crafting project, I’m sure many of you have been in this boat! Before you know it, hours have been spent on something that you’re not even sure is quality work. For example, I tend to get in over my head and make something look over-the-top. Sometimes when you make something too busy looking, it can come across as severely outdated. Nowadays, clean and bold is what looks good in web design and digital graphics. Some of the software products available give you a plethora of options that can make it too easy to make something that really isn’t very good. There probably isn’t a way to get rid of this type of uncertainty completely, but there are certain things you can do to come to a more accurate conclusion.

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