The Importance of Having a Budget

Hey fellow millennials! Even though we are the most creative and innovative generation of this era, we’re also broke and not always the best at making educated financial decisions! Between student loan debt, living off lower wages than the generations before us and the constant pressure to spend money on awesome experiences, we’re at quite the financial disadvantage! I tried to do things as fiscally smart on my end as possible. I attended community college before transferring to an in-state school, I worked part-time for several years before landing a full-time job in my industry, and I lived with my mom the entire time. Even though I didn’t pay rent (which don’t get me wrong, helped out A TON), I still had monthly bills and graduated with some student loan debt from SDSU. Just paying those monthly bills caused me to have a budget from the start, but now I’m starting to look into moving out and renting. Even though I’ve only been heavily researching for about two months, I’m starting to realize that this is not going to be easy! These are a few of the things that I need to keep in mind when creating this new extremely thorough budget! Continue reading

What I’ll Miss the Most about IMCP


I remember it like it was yesterday. I was panicking. Panicking that I wouldn’t get in, panicking that I had made a mistake by starting a new job, and panicking that I wouldn’t be good enough. It was the first day of the Interactive Media Certificate Program, and I still wasn’t sure if I had actually made it into the program yet. I was so nervous! In the background, I had already applied and accepted a part-time job at a tech startup and hadn’t even told my job at the time that I was planning on leaving to go back to school. Everything was boiling down to that initial class meeting. I was number 42 out of the 44 people that were allowed in the class. In the beginning, it was so packed that I had to use my own laptop and didn’t even have a workstation with a desk. About two weeks into the program I was able to get a workstation that included a desk and a classroom computer, and about three months in everyone in my row had dropped from the program. Now only about 16 of us have actually stuck it out through the nights and weekend classes that have made up the last 10 months! A week from tomorrow I will have earned my certificate in interactive media and graphic design and I almost can’t believe that this journey is coming to an end! Even though I was nervous about committing to such an intense program, I have absolutely no regrets! Looking back, I am so much more knowledgeable and marketable now as an advertiser than I was back in September. These are a few of the reasons that I’m so glad that I took this program.

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San Diego: The City of Craft Beer


As I mentioned before, I am a proud native of sunny San Diego. The one thing that has taken over this gorgeous city in the last couple years is the craft beer revolution. I’ve always liked beer, but I never thought that I’d too become part of the beer snobbery that has taken over my hometown. It hit me this summer at a backyard pool party when I exclaimed, “Oh thank God!” after finding one lone Ballast Point Sculpin among a cooler full of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. I too used to drink Coors and Bud Light, but now I have lingered into the mysterious world of IPAs. Once you go craft, you can’t go back. Here’s why: Continue reading

Key Points from Social Media Day San Diego (#SMDAYSD2016)

I had the privilege of attending the Social Media Day San Diego 2016 conference a couple of weeks ago and learned a lot about social media and what’s in store for marketers in the upcoming year. After ten and a half hours at the Marriott in Downtown San Diego (which is absolutely beautiful inside), I learned 3 key points: prepare yourself for live video because it isn’t going anywhere, Snapchat will soon be widely used by companies, and it’s time to create value-centered relationships with your consumers! Continue reading

Why Donuts Reign Supreme in the Pastry Kingdom

You don’t have to know me very well to know that I am a donut fiend. I truly believe that the donut is the only kind of food that could potentially bring peace on earth. I also have an unhealthy obsession with avocados, but I still think donuts would win the WWE smack-down of my hunger. Not only does the donut have a wonderful American history (which I actually wrote an extra credit paper in college about), but it defines the beautiful balance of simplicity and complexity into one fried dough ring. Let me break this down with some tasty little tidbits! Continue reading

Why I’m Glad I Had a “Boring” College Experience

Instead of going straight to a 4-year university after high school, I enrolled in the closest community college to where I lived. At the time, I didn’t realize how thankful I would be for the 3 years I was going to spend at San Diego Mesa College. Continue reading

My Super Awesome Fun Guide to the San Diego County Fair

You can say whatever you want about the deep-fried, spandex-clad, and mobile scooter-filled haven that is our fair, but it’s one of my favorite things about San Diego. Every summer I go crazy and spend too much of my hard-earned money on temporary pleasures such as giant funnel cakes and $2.00 rings that turn my fingers green. Over the years, I believe I have become an expert on how to have a great time there. I have broken up my activities into categories… Continue reading