Trial and Error Analysis: You Really Don’t Know Anything Until You Test It

I honestly can’t believe it as I’m saying it (or typing it I should say), but you are now reading my 100th blog post! Not only will my little pride and joy be turning two next month, but that’s 100 weeks of writing content, creating graphics, and sharing on social media. Before I go into further detail, I want to thank all of my followers and friends who continue to inspire me everyday! I personally have to admit, that I had many preconceived notions about blogging before I actually started. Well, I can tell you firsthand that I was proven wrong many times. Now the only way I was going to find out that I was wrong, was by actually being wrong. You can read industry best practices and take advice from consultants all day long, but at the end of the day YOUR data is where your particular truth lies. Don’t get me wrong, it’s best to start off by using the knowledge of other experts initially, but testing will optimize those findings even further! Let me explain what I mean when it comes to Haley Had a Little Blog. Continue reading

You’ve Been Together How Long?

In this day and age, it almost sounds insane to be young and in a serious relationship. Not only that, but to keep that relationship going for 5 and a half years and all the way through college? People look at you like your absolutely nuts, especially out here in southern California. In a strange way it’s kind of flattering that you can do something that a lot of people can’t in your generation, but most of the time it gets kind of annoying having to constantly explain that you’re happy being with this person. Continue reading