Perfecting Your Time Management Skills

As some of you know, I started a new job about a month ago. It’s been great so far, but my list of priorities has grown considerably since my second week! I’ve always prided myself as a great organizer and prioritizer in the past, but I was starting to get a little overwhelmed last week when I looked at the grand scheme of all the things I had to accomplish in a short period of time. Once I got back into the swing of putting my to-do lists together and tackling my tasks one-by-one, I started to feel confident in my abilities all over again. Since this is something that has recently been on my mind a lot, I thought I’d take this week’s blog post to provide some tips on structuring your list of priorities. Before you start, decide if you’re more of a digital or paper person (or both)! If digital, find a program or calendar app that works for you. If paper, invest in a detailed planner of sorts. Since I consider myself to be a little bit of both, I use Outlook on my work PC and iCal on my iPhone to set up digital reminders. My main go-to though, is my detailed planner that I bought from Paper Source. If you are a little old-school like me, investing in a good planner or scheduler is definitely worth it in the long run! Once you figure out what type of system you’ll be using, you can start prioritizing in order of the following categories. Continue reading

When Is Your Project Truly Done?

Have you ever worked on something for so long that you can’t tell if it needs more adjusting or if you just made it way too convoluted? Whether it’s a graphic, a song, a section of code, or a crafting project, I’m sure many of you have been in this boat! Before you know it, hours have been spent on something that you’re not even sure is quality work. For example, I tend to get in over my head and make something look over-the-top. Sometimes when you make something too busy looking, it can come across as severely outdated. Nowadays, clean and bold is what looks good in web design and digital graphics. Some of the software products available give you a plethora of options that can make it too easy to make something that really isn’t very good. There probably isn’t a way to get rid of this type of uncertainty completely, but there are certain things you can do to come to a more accurate conclusion.

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