Perfecting Your Time Management Skills

As some of you know, I started a new job about a month ago. It’s been great so far, but my list of priorities has grown considerably since my second week! I’ve always prided myself as a great organizer and prioritizer in the past, but I was starting to get a little overwhelmed last week when I looked at the grand scheme of all the things I had to accomplish in a short period of time. Once I got back into the swing of putting my to-do lists together and tackling my tasks one-by-one, I started to feel confident in my abilities all over again. Since this is something that has recently been on my mind a lot, I thought I’d take this week’s blog post to provide some tips on structuring your list of priorities. Before you start, decide if you’re more of a digital or paper person (or both)! If digital, find a program or calendar app that works for you. If paper, invest in a detailed planner of sorts. Since I consider myself to be a little bit of both, I use Outlook on my work PC and iCal on my iPhone to set up digital reminders. My main go-to though, is my detailed planner that I bought from Paper Source. If you are a little old-school like me, investing in a good planner or scheduler is definitely worth it in the long run! Once you figure out what type of system you’ll be using, you can start prioritizing in order of the following categories. Continue reading

Holding onto Patience in an Impatient World

Can you imagine having to wait for at least two weeks at a time to hear back from one of your loved ones via some handwritten letter? Once upon a time that was considered the norm, but now it’s hard to even wait an hour to get a text message back. We live in a world where everything is meant to be delivered in express mode and designed to be enjoyed on-the-go. Need a quick bite to eat? Use the drive-thru. Need to get a ride somewhere? Request a Lyft. Need a new outfit for a wedding next week? Order something online with next day shipping. We tend to forget how much modern technology and societal expectations have spoiled us with speedy results. One of the major downsides to all of this is that we as a people have become lazy, impatient, and just plain rude. Patience has now become a rare and valuable currency. This is my guide to staying patient in an impatient world.

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Things I’ve Learned from Working in the Customer Service Industry

I’ve had many painful experiences, as well as positive ones, from working in customer oriented positions. Even though these jobs can be physically and mentally taxing, I’ve learned so many valuable life lessons that I’ve been able to take with me. If you’ve ever worked in one of these jobs, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Continue reading