Best Practices for Creating Your Own Content

Have ever been tasked with creating content from scratch? If you have, you know it can be quite daunting. We often think the creative brainstorming part of the process is the most difficult aspect, but sometimes the logistics and legal technicalities can be even tougher to conquer. As someone who has been creating different forms of published content for over four years now, I’ve learned the ins-and-outs of this somewhat tedious process. Here are my tips that will (hopefully) guide you in the right direction. Continue reading

Finding Your Creative Outlet

Creativity. It’s the thing that gives us hope to get through our monotonous days, attracts fans to works such as Alice in Wonderland, and advances society from generation to generation. Some of us deem ourselves as more creative than others, but deep down we all have that spark of creativity. In some artistic fields it’s much more prevalent (artists, designers, chefs, etc.), but you still find it in the more scientific fields as well. Even when you look at computer programmers and developers, you’ll see creative differences. To someone like me and you, their code may just look like a bunch of words and symbols scrambled on a screen, but they might be creating the next innovative program that will completely change our lives. Instead of not giving yourself credit for your creative side, I challenge you to channel your creativity and make an impact! Check out the steps below on how to get started. Continue reading

Things I’ve Learned from (Co)Planning a Show

Live shows are extremely entertaining, but can also be a lot of work to put together! I have been dating a musician (Kwame Badu) for over six years now, and he has taught me a lot about the pros and cons of the music industry. Some of the pros include amazing collaborations between musicians, discovering local bands and performers at artist showcases, and combining creativity with the mathematical aspect of music composition. I barely played any instruments as a kid, but I’ve always admired the people that can create songs in some way or another. The major con of the music industry is what I would call the business side of music. As in most industries, you cannot solely rely on the basic art form to keep loyal fans. There’s the media (videos, interviews, etc.), the marketing and sponsorship, the album sales, the nightclub scene, and so much more that comes along with being a successful musician. Since my boyfriend has recently released his album, Mixed Signals, he wanted to use his most recent show (which was at the Observatory in North Park on April 1st) as an initial promotion for it. Since this venue is one of the larger ones in town, he decided to go all out. I soon became the Beaker to his Dr. Bensen Honeydew (that’s a Muppets reference in case you didn’t catch that).

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5 Quick Ways to Feel More Energized

As I’ve gotten older, the word energy has become synonymous with the word unicorn- as in I often question its existence. I love sleep probably more than guacamole, donuts, and heck, even life itself. Just like the many things we love, we usually don’t get enough of them in our daily lives. When it comes to having energy, you always hear the same advice: sleep 7-8 hours a night, exercise, and eat healthy. Well some of you are super heroes and can manage to do all of that on top of being extremely busy individuals, and I commend you for that. For the rest of us, I feel your pain. Trust me, I really do. Having learned this lesson the hard way after many years of spreading myself too thin, these are some cheat-tactics that have helped me. Continue reading

When Is Your Project Truly Done?

Have you ever worked on something for so long that you can’t tell if it needs more adjusting or if you just made it way too convoluted? Whether it’s a graphic, a song, a section of code, or a crafting project, I’m sure many of you have been in this boat! Before you know it, hours have been spent on something that you’re not even sure is quality work. For example, I tend to get in over my head and make something look over-the-top. Sometimes when you make something too busy looking, it can come across as severely outdated. Nowadays, clean and bold is what looks good in web design and digital graphics. Some of the software products available give you a plethora of options that can make it too easy to make something that really isn’t very good. There probably isn’t a way to get rid of this type of uncertainty completely, but there are certain things you can do to come to a more accurate conclusion.

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Some Hidden Gems that Put Me in the Holiday Spirit!

Some people are obsessed with the Christmas season just as much as others are obsessed with Disneyland. I honestly get annoyed when I see fake red velvet and pine trees being set up in malls right when Halloween ends, but many live for this time of the year. Even though hearing pop stars sing Jingle Bells in 20 different renditions can get irritating every winter season, I do enjoy certain festivities of this time of the year. Here are a few joys of the holiday season that I’d like to share with you. Continue reading

Lessons My Boyfriend Taught Me: How to Be a Renaissance Man (or Woman) in Your Industry

*Photo Cred for Picture on the Left: Quinn Strauser (Instagram: @quinn.strauser).*

I decided to take a slightly different approach for this week’s blog post. I sat down with my boyfriend in his 1999 Honda (which we have cleverly nicknamed Rhonda the Honda) and asked him a couple questions that I was always curious about. Since the age of 13, Kwame Badu has dedicated countless hours (and dollars) to music. He’s not your typical rapper- he sings, writes lyrics, records artists, plays guitar, mixes and masters audio files, samples music from several genres, and produces original beats. Since I see him almost every day, I have gotten used to the fact he is a multi-talented person. I rarely stop to think about how ingenious it is for someone to become so self-reliant so quickly. I started to realize that anyone can achieve self-reliance even if they’re not interested in being a musician. These are his pointers for becoming a renaissance man or woman in your desired field. Continue reading