Things I’ve Learned from (Co)Planning a Show

Live shows are extremely entertaining, but can also be a lot of work to put together! I have been dating a musician (Kwame Badu) for over six years now, and he has taught me a lot about the pros and cons of the music industry. Some of the pros include amazing collaborations between musicians, discovering local bands and performers at artist showcases, and combining creativity with the mathematical aspect of music composition. I barely played any instruments as a kid, but I’ve always admired the people that can create songs in some way or another. The major con of the music industry is what I would call the business side of music. As in most industries, you cannot solely rely on the basic art form to keep loyal fans. There’s the media (videos, interviews, etc.), the marketing and sponsorship, the album sales, the nightclub scene, and so much more that comes along with being a successful musician. Since my boyfriend has recently released his album, Mixed Signals, he wanted to use his most recent show (which was at the Observatory in North Park on April 1st) as an initial promotion for it. Since this venue is one of the larger ones in town, he decided to go all out. I soon became the Beaker to his Dr. Bensen Honeydew (that’s a Muppets reference in case you didn’t catch that).

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Lessons My Boyfriend Taught Me: How to Be a Renaissance Man (or Woman) in Your Industry

*Photo Cred for Picture on the Left: Quinn Strauser (Instagram: @quinn.strauser).*

I decided to take a slightly different approach for this week’s blog post. I sat down with my boyfriend in his 1999 Honda (which we have cleverly nicknamed Rhonda the Honda) and asked him a couple questions that I was always curious about. Since the age of 13, Kwame Badu has dedicated countless hours (and dollars) to music. He’s not your typical rapper- he sings, writes lyrics, records artists, plays guitar, mixes and masters audio files, samples music from several genres, and produces original beats. Since I see him almost every day, I have gotten used to the fact he is a multi-talented person. I rarely stop to think about how ingenious it is for someone to become so self-reliant so quickly. I started to realize that anyone can achieve self-reliance even if they’re not interested in being a musician. These are his pointers for becoming a renaissance man or woman in your desired field. Continue reading