When to Trust Your Gut and When to Listen to Others

Everyone has heard of a mother’s intuition, but does that extend to those of us that aren’t mothers? Of course it does! We all have had this voice that warns us when not to do things, but I also believe we have another voice. This other voice may be timid for some of us or loud and boisterous for others of us. It’s the one that encourages us to step outside the box and explore new things. The challenge is deciphering when we should listen to the little voice in our head, whether it’s warning us or encouraging us, or if we should listen to conflicting advice from others. Continue reading

Lessons My Boyfriend Taught Me: How to Be a Renaissance Man (or Woman) in Your Industry

*Photo Cred for Picture on the Left: Quinn Strauser (Instagram: @quinn.strauser).*

I decided to take a slightly different approach for this week’s blog post. I sat down with my boyfriend in his 1999 Honda (which we have cleverly nicknamed Rhonda the Honda) and asked him a couple questions that I was always curious about. Since the age of 13, Kwame Badu has dedicated countless hours (and dollars) to music. He’s not your typical rapper- he sings, writes lyrics, records artists, plays guitar, mixes and masters audio files, samples music from several genres, and produces original beats. Since I see him almost every day, I have gotten used to the fact he is a multi-talented person. I rarely stop to think about how ingenious it is for someone to become so self-reliant so quickly. I started to realize that anyone can achieve self-reliance even if they’re not interested in being a musician. These are his pointers for becoming a renaissance man or woman in your desired field. Continue reading