It’s Time to Stop Dwelling on the Past

It tends to happen when you least expect it. You’re trying to go to sleep, you’re taking a shower, or you’re hanging out with an old group of friends, and BAM! Somehow, a repressed memory from the past comes creeping up back into your fragile mind. I say this, because it’s been happening lately to me more than I’d like to admit. I’ve personally grown a lot in the last six years (basically since I graduated high school in 2011), but some moments make you forget all of the progress you’ve made. Whether it’s a “funny” story or a character flaw you had, the memories can be cringe-worthy. Instead of asking yourself, “Why did I do that?” or, “Why didn’t I say this instead?”, try your best to move forward with these helpful tricks. Continue reading

Having Faith that Things Will Work Themselves Out

One of the funny things about life, is that it continues to throw curveballs at us even when we think we have everything planned out. I tend to feel this way, A LOT! I think ever since I became a fan of planning for my long-term goals, I tend to become extremely panicked when things are simply beyond my control. I’m always shocked when either an individual or organization that I respect is lousy at giving me a solid answer and/or plan. Sometimes, I’m not even sure if I’m more frustrated or jealous that I’m more prepared than them. Lately, there have been multiple occasions where I’ve been faced with the rude awakening that sometimes you just have to have a leap of faith. The idea of this drives me just as nuts as the next person, but it’s true. Here’s what has helped me cope with this in past situations. Continue reading

Why I’m Scared to Turn 23

The day I publish this post will be on my 23rd birthday, which happens to fall on the 23rd of November. I actually have a system for my blog posts that I don’t share with many people. I come up with a topic four weeks ahead of time, write the first draft of the post 3 weeks ahead of time, make the correlating infographic 2 weeks ahead of time, and take a picture and make final edits one week ahead of time from when I actually publish the final post. This post was originally titled, “Why I’m Excited to Turn 23” until I deleted everything I had written and started over from scratch. It disrupted my normal chain of planning, but I felt it was necessary this time around. Continue reading