Why Communication Really is Key

Whenever my boyfriend and I hangout with a new couple that hasn’t been together very long, we get asked the same question: “What is the secret to having a long-lasting relationship?” In reality there are many different areas that both people in the relationship have to accept and work on for any couple to have a chance at working out, but I always say that the main thing is communication. Every time I hear that answer come out of my mouth, I immediately regret how cheesy it sounds. Despite the cliché response, it couldn’t be more true! I’ve found that effective communication skills can help you in any relationship. This includes romantic, professional, friendly, or family relationships. Many times one person may not have any clue how the other person feels, despite their “obvious” hints. What might be obvious to some, may leave others completely oblivious. Here are my tips at mastering effective communication. Continue reading

When is the Right Time to Speak Up?

­­Many times you’ll hear men joking about how women never tell them what they really want. Even though that age-old joke can get on my nerves, I am one of those women (no matter how much I want to deny it). I don’t like to think that I’m complicated, I’m just an extremely passive person. Whether it’s where we are going to eat, when someone wants me to do something I don’t really want to do, or when someone asks, “Does anyone have any questions?”, I’m usually the one shrugging and staying quiet. I hate conflict, and don’t like causing it until I feel that it’s absolutely necessary. I’m not here to encourage you to be shy like me, but I do believe in picking your battles. Unfortunately, getting defensive and speaking your mind every single time something happens won’t get you anywhere, but there are times where it’s a good thing to speak up. Here’s where I believe speaking your mind will benefit you in the long run. Continue reading