Help Me, I’m Stuck!

I’m writing to you with a little bit of shame weighing on my shoulders. It’s been over a month since I’ve written my last blog post, and I’m a bit disappointed in myself. I typically pride myself on never missing a week and making sure that I’m always prepared, but I’m not going to lie- I needed the break. Life got hectic, very hectic. Not just for a little bit, but honestly probably since about two years ago. Between upsets in my personal life, health, work life, etc. I was beginning to slowly lose my mind. Instead of confronting my problems head-on, I kept hiding behind the everything’s alright mindset. I continued cranking out blog posts even when I felt as bland as a ham and cheese sandwich. Now that a lot of my issues have either resided or solved themselves, I’m finding myself in this mental rut. Not just regarding the blog, but on EVERYTHING. What am I doing with my life? Am I where I need to be right now? How come some things have changed drastically, while some things never change? A tornado of doubts and worries storm up in my mind resulting in a physical, zombie-like numbness. After talking to many of my mid-20s counterparts, this turns out to be so common that it’s scary. Most change doesn’t happen overnight, so what can we do in the meantime to get ourselves back on the yellow-brick road to optimism, creativity, and excitement? I’ve been seriously thinking about this a lot lately, and these categories are where I think the answer(s) lie. Continue reading

The Power of Perspective

Admit it, we all like to occasionally wallow in a shallow pool of our own self-pity. Why do we do this? We do this because of perspective. Ironically, the only way to keep from drowning in it is by using the power of perspective. “Haley, you’re not making any sense.” I get it, I’m contradicting myself here. Well, let me explain to you what I mean. Continue reading

How to Pick Yourself Up Out of a Funk

Nothing is harder than dragging yourself out of a depressive state. As you may know, one of my favorites clichés to repeat is “when it rains it pours”. That’s how I feel like 2016 has been: pouring horrible things from the sky, one after another. Right when it looks like the sun is peaking out again, BOOM- another terrible thing falls on my head. Without going into too much detail about my personal life, it’s been affecting my eating, my sleeping, and my face (which is now decorated in splotches of acne that even the best quality makeup is having a difficult time hiding). Even though I’ve been somewhat keeping it together on the inside, my insides feel like a Walmart after opening up on Black Friday- full of utter chaos. Back in the old days when I was 12, I could listen to my Green Day albums and stare up at the ceiling for hours on end. These days, those calming angst-filled moments just don’t seem to cut it anymore. Even though I’m still working through some things (so we’re learning together, yay!) this is what has helped me so far. Continue reading