Lights, Camera, CALL TO ACTION!

If you’ve ever taken a marketing or business course, chances are that you’ve heard of the elusive call to action! Just in case you’ve never heard of this term, a call to action (or CTA for short), refers to the preferred action you’d like your end user to take after consuming your promotional content. For example, have you ever clicked on an online advertisement and were redirected to a website page explaining the product or service in more detail? That page is typically referred to as a landing page in the digital world. Usually in the form of a static button, pop-up, or slider there’s an option to Buy now!, Learn More or Sign Up! There are TONS of other ones out there as well, but you get the idea. Those Buy now!’s are examples of CTAs. It’s literally calling on you, the potential customer, to act based on what you’ve been shown so far. In a hectic world full of ads in every single form of that you could imagine, CTAs are incredibly important for getting customer conversions. Where many people get stuck is when their CTAs become monotonous and boring. Well here are a few tips to get you out of that slump. Continue reading

Holding onto Patience in an Impatient World

Can you imagine having to wait for at least two weeks at a time to hear back from one of your loved ones via some handwritten letter? Once upon a time that was considered the norm, but now it’s hard to even wait an hour to get a text message back. We live in a world where everything is meant to be delivered in express mode and designed to be enjoyed on-the-go. Need a quick bite to eat? Use the drive-thru. Need to get a ride somewhere? Request a Lyft. Need a new outfit for a wedding next week? Order something online with next day shipping. We tend to forget how much modern technology and societal expectations have spoiled us with speedy results. One of the major downsides to all of this is that we as a people have become lazy, impatient, and just plain rude. Patience has now become a rare and valuable currency. This is my guide to staying patient in an impatient world.

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Things I’ve Learned from Working in the Customer Service Industry

I’ve had many painful experiences, as well as positive ones, from working in customer oriented positions. Even though these jobs can be physically and mentally taxing, I’ve learned so many valuable life lessons that I’ve been able to take with me. If you’ve ever worked in one of these jobs, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Continue reading

Key Points from Social Media Day San Diego (#SMDAYSD2016)

I had the privilege of attending the Social Media Day San Diego 2016 conference a couple of weeks ago and learned a lot about social media and what’s in store for marketers in the upcoming year. After ten and a half hours at the Marriott in Downtown San Diego (which is absolutely beautiful inside), I learned 3 key points: prepare yourself for live video because it isn’t going anywhere, Snapchat will soon be widely used by companies, and it’s time to create value-centered relationships with your consumers! Continue reading