Is Your Life Getting TOO Comfortable?

Sometimes in life we get a little bit too comfortable with our surroundings. Being comfortable is good since it reflects a sense of stability and reliability, but sometimes it can hold us back from accomplishing so much more and ultimately moving forward. I tend to get myself in situations where I’m so comfortable that I start to get uncomfortable, if that even makes any sense. I am a creature of habit, but I still like some spontaneity in my life. Here is what has helped me in the past when it comes to mixing it up in a healthy way! Continue reading

Why It’s Time to Start Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

The older you get the more you hear, “It’s time to face you fears and get out of your comfort zone!” There are many things you have to do as an adult that force you to get out of your safe space. This could mean finding a new job, giving a presentation, moving to a new place, or so many other things! In my opinion, there are two types of people when it comes to facing their fears: those that face them head on and those that hold off for as long as physically possible. Unfortunately, I’m typically part of the second group. Continue reading