What Qualifies Something as Art?

This week I thought I’d attempt to answer the age old question of what is art, or at least answer it from my perspective. My dad’s family is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which I have visited many times throughout my life. Downtown Pittsburgh is this incredible mecca of culture, whether you’re talking about the food, entertainment, or art. Even though I’ve seen probably every display in each of the Carnegie museums several times, I make a point to go each trip. It’s the art museum that really sparks this argument in my mind. You can spend hours looking at colorful renaissance paintings, intricate jade carvings, and beautiful life size statues and monuments. Then when you reach the modern art section, you can’t help but feel underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong some modern art is just as impressive, but some of it makes me wonder, “How in the world can this be considered art?”  Especially the hanging tire with a nylon legging tied on to it. I’m sorry but how on earth did that get into a museum that is known for great art? I guess someone somewhere was like, “Wow, what a magnificent concept!” I think the trash that accumulated in my high school locker was more artistic than that, but that’s just my opinion. Obviously I don’t actually know what the end-all answer is to this timeless debate, but here’s my rubric of what qualifies something as art. Continue reading

Lessons My Boyfriend Taught Me: How to Be a Renaissance Man (or Woman) in Your Industry

*Photo Cred for Picture on the Left: Quinn Strauser (Instagram: @quinn.strauser).*

I decided to take a slightly different approach for this week’s blog post. I sat down with my boyfriend in his 1999 Honda (which we have cleverly nicknamed Rhonda the Honda) and asked him a couple questions that I was always curious about. Since the age of 13, Kwame Badu has dedicated countless hours (and dollars) to music. He’s not your typical rapper- he sings, writes lyrics, records artists, plays guitar, mixes and masters audio files, samples music from several genres, and produces original beats. Since I see him almost every day, I have gotten used to the fact he is a multi-talented person. I rarely stop to think about how ingenious it is for someone to become so self-reliant so quickly. I started to realize that anyone can achieve self-reliance even if they’re not interested in being a musician. These are his pointers for becoming a renaissance man or woman in your desired field. Continue reading