IMCP Print Module

I am currently enrolled in a 9-month certificate program to study interactive media and graphic design. The Interactive Media Certificate Program, aka IMCP, is broken up into 3 modules. The first module incorporates Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and inDesign together in order to make digital compositions that will eventually be printed. Due to the nature of the output, all of these compositions are using the CMYK color mode. If you’d like to view the interactive PDF of all these works, please click here to view my print portfolio. Otherwise, here are my work samples so far:

Title: Haley Had a Little Blog Newsletter

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Assignment: This assignment involved creating a 4-page newsletter that incorporated each of the 3 programs we had learned in Module 1. I created a newsletter for the blog since I already had a theme, logo, and written content to use. You can see the document up close here!

Program(s) Used: InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop

Title: Hanging Out With Haley

Magazine Bio.png

Assignment: We were required to make a magazine bio about ourselves using InDesign, and bringing in both vector and raster graphics with Illustrator and Photoshop. I decided to write my bio about me and my recent transition into the graphic design field.

Program(s) Used: InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop

Title: Haley’s Creative Resume


Assignment: This assignment was to create a promotional leave behind. I decided to make a creative resume that showed my experience and skills through graphics that I made.

Program(s) used: InDesign and Illustrator

Title: Haley Had a Little Blog Identity Package

Assignment: For this assignment we had to create an identity package using our logo. I decided to do one for the blog. On the top left is a front and back of my business card, the top right is my letterhead, the bottom left is an envelope, and the bottom right is an invoice. I have black-barred out my address and phone number since I am posting this on the web. You can find the PDF version here.

Program(s) used: InDesign and Illustrator

Title: Haley Vector Art


Assignment: This originally started off as a hand-drawn picture that only used shapes and lines to create my name. I then took it into Illustrator to recreate it using vector tools.

Program(s) Used: Illustrator

Title: King Chameleon Playing Card


Assignment: For this assignment, we had to create a playing card that demonstrated the traditional reflective qualities. I’ve always liked how chameleons looked and thought it would be cool to link them by their tails.

Program(s) Used: Illustrator

Title: Haley Had a Little Blog Logo


Assignment: This was one of my favorite assignments, because it directly affected my blog! We had to design a logo using a vector illustration. I already knew that I wanted to change my blog’s domain name to Haley Had a Little Blog, so this assignment was perfect timing for me!

Program(s) used: Illustrator

Title: History of Lucida Font


Assignment: The point of this assignment was to research the history of a specific font and then incorporate it into a design. I chose Lucida font and decided to use smooth elements with a cool color palate. One of the requirements in this assignment was to use the whole alphabetical and numerical list of characters and a couple of symbols in our design.

Program(s) used: Illustrator

Title: iBlog


Assignment: For this assignment we had to take a photograph of ourselves doing an activity of our choosing, and then turn it into a vector image. We then had to stylize it to match the old-school iPod commercials. To do this, I traced myself “blogging” using the pen tool and then colored my silhouette black and made the background bright pink.

Program(s) used: Illustrator

Title: Hunger Got You Feeling Crabby?


Assignment: We had to create a billboard advertisement using vector art in Illustrator. I decided to make a crab, and create a freeway billboard advertisement for Joe’s Crab Shack. This is not an official advertisement and the background image is public domain from

Program(s) used: Illustrator and Photoshop.

Title: Western Morning Snow


Assignment: We had to design a book cover based on the title we were assigned. I was assigned the title, “Western Morning Snow”. I decided that my book would be a humorous sci-fi novel about one day when it starts snowing in San Diego. This assignment focused on incorporating images with text.

Program(s) used: Photoshop

Title: The Two Sisters Children’s Clothing Company



Assignment: For this assignment, we had to take an old and damaged photograph to repair and colorize. After completing this task, we then had to turn it into a vintage-style advertisement. This image is of my mom and my aunt in 1958.

Program(s) used: Photoshop

Title: Crystal Eyes


Assignment: This was actually a practice restoration I did on my own time.

Program(s) used: Photoshop

Title: Lurking Hatred


Assignment: Our assignment was to create a collage of 3-5 photographs using the different features & tools within Photoshop. The collage is supposed to tell a story with images instead of text.

Program(s) used: Photoshop

Title: Relaxed


Assignment: This assignment required us to “draw” an emotion only using the 5 basic elements of shape (the dot, circle, straight line, curved line, and angled line families). After drawing this picture, we had to replicate it in Photoshop using various selection tools and paintbrushes.

Program(s) used: Photoshop