IMCP Multimedia Module

I am currently enrolled in a 9-month certificate program to study interactive media and graphic design. The Interactive Media Certificate Program, aka IMCP, is broken up into 3 modules. The second module incorporates GarageBand, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro together in order to make multimedia compositions. To check out all of these videos, plus some other ones I’ve created in my free time, visit my youtube channel here.

Title: San Diego B-Roll Montage

Assignment: The point of this assignment was to assert our skills in syncing video footage, transitions, and visual effects to the provided audio track. I had recently shot various B-roll footage of my hometown (San Diego) for another project, and decided to use those clips for this video.

Program(s) Used: Adobe Premiere Pro

Title: Kwame Badu- Mixed Signals

Assignment: This assignment required us to create a 30-60 second promotional video using Adobe Premiere Pro. This project was very near and dear to my heart, since I was able to center the ad around my boyfriend’s debut album that he has worked incredibly hard on over the past two years. Not only was I able to get this out to his fans before one of his big shows at the Observatory in North Park, but I was also able to use performance footage I had shot in the past. Besides my blog logo, this is one of the first assignments that I was able to use and publish beyond the scope of the class.

Program(s) Used: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Illustrator

(All music was provided by Kwame Badu)

Title: HDD Photography

Assignment: This assignment required us to make a 30-60 second promo using Adobe After Effects. I’ve started dabbling in photography and saw this as a perfect opportunity to advertise my services! I had a great creating this video, but it was definitely a lot of work!

Program(s) Used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and GarageBand

Title: Haley Had a Little Blog Video

Assignment: We had to create a 30 second animated video involving our logo from Module 1. I decided to make a video explaining the background of this blog.

Program(s) Used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and GarageBand

Title: GarageBand Funk & Dance Scores


Assignment: We were required to make a 30 second original score using the music program GarageBand. I decided to make both a funk song (on the top) and a dance song (on the bottom).

Program(s) Used: GarageBand