My Quick Money-Saving Tips

As some of you already know, I am a huge proponent of saving money without cutting out the enjoyable parts of life! Once I started working and driving, I quickly learned that I had to save money and allocate portions of my paycheck to things like gas and insurance. All of a sudden Venti Frappucinos from Starbucks and trendy clothing had to take a backseat. Even though I’m all for a great deal, I do believe in spending your money on the enjoyable parts of your life as well. Here are some of my suggestions for spending and saving the smart way! Continue reading

Finding Your Creative Outlet

Creativity. It’s the thing that gives us hope to get through our monotonous days, attracts fans to works such as Alice in Wonderland, and advances society from generation to generation. Some of us deem ourselves as more creative than others, but deep down we all have that spark of creativity. In some artistic fields it’s much more prevalent (artists, designers, chefs, etc.), but you still find it in the more scientific fields as well. Even when you look at computer programmers and developers, you’ll see creative differences. To someone like me and you, their code may just look like a bunch of words and symbols scrambled on a screen, but they might be creating the next innovative program that will completely change our lives. Instead of not giving yourself credit for your creative side, I challenge you to channel your creativity and make an impact! Check out the steps below on how to get started. Continue reading

Have You Ever Thought of Investing in Yourself?

There have been many times where I felt like I was stuck in this unavoidable rut in life. What always had helped me in the past, was looking at things like they were short-term. Every semester in college I would count down the weeks until break and graduation. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” Where I’ve always had a struggle, is when I feel this way, but there isn’t an end-date anywhere in site. So how do you get yourself out of this situation? Well, it won’t be easy. This is where you have to take a long deep breath, evaluate yourself, and decide which path of self-investment is right for you. Continue reading

It’s Time to Stop Dwelling on the Past

It tends to happen when you least expect it. You’re trying to go to sleep, you’re taking a shower, or you’re hanging out with an old group of friends, and BAM! Somehow, a repressed memory from the past comes creeping up back into your fragile mind. I say this, because it’s been happening lately to me more than I’d like to admit. I’ve personally grown a lot in the last six years (basically since I graduated high school in 2011), but some moments make you forget all of the progress you’ve made. Whether it’s a “funny” story or a character flaw you had, the memories can be cringe-worthy. Instead of asking yourself, “Why did I do that?” or, “Why didn’t I say this instead?”, try your best to move forward with these helpful tricks. Continue reading

Learning How to Be Your Own Rock of Stability

Helplessness- we all know that feeling way too well. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, popular, lonely and/or anywhere in between, we’ve all felt at our wit’s end at one point or another. The biggest struggle with coping is those moments, whether they’re sparse or frequent, is when we are alone. It could be that you’re on your lunch break and everyone else is working, or it could be that you’re not getting along with someone and you’re secretly hoping that they’ll text you back. Even though I like to pride myself in becoming a mature adult over the past few years, I still have my desperation filled moments. This is why I’ve tried my hardest to become my own rock of stability. The second you rely too much on another person other than yourself, is the second that you have the ability of spiraling out of control. The truth is, we’re all human beings! Most people cannot be there for you emotionally 24/7. The one time the person you trust doesn’t get back to you for several hours, might be the time that you freak out. So how on earth are you supposed to become so self-reliant? Well, here are my suggestions. Continue reading

The Time I Had a Pleomorphic Adenoma

I’m deviating from the normal plan this week, by sharing (okay, technically venting) about something that has been mentally and physically plaguing my life for the past 10 months or so. In the late Summer of 2016, the small area of the left side of my face adjacent to my ear lobe felt slightly swollen. Since I have one of the worst immune systems known to man, I just assumed I was having a reaction to something or a minor infection. The weird thing was that I wasn’t in any pain and you couldn’t see anything physically wrong with me. Even though the thought of it slightly bothered me, the idea of having to deal with Kaiser seemed even more irritating. I ignored it for the most part, but then life became extremely hectic and started to put me under more stress. Continue reading

The Future of Design and What it Means for You

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When you hear the word design, what do you think of? Many people think of advertisements, clothing, buildings or tangible items that were imagined by an innovative and creative individual or team. Even though we don’t tend to think about it, we also find design in other areas such as medicine and nature. Even if you don’t consider yourself the artistic type, I can promise you that design (good and bad) has had a significant impact on your life. I know I’m biased being an advertiser and graphic designer, but you’ll start to see what I mean. I compare the design of an ad similar to the one of a beautiful flower. Both are designed with purpose and functionality in mind, but are aesthetically pleasing to rope you in and keep you intrigued. Now, what happens when emerging technology gets thrown into the mix? Well as you know with the advent of smart phones, social media, and immediate gratification with tech-friendly services, it gets complicated in some ways and over-simplified in other ways. Many of you have heard of the upcoming technological advancements we have to look forward to like augmented reality, virtual reality, voice driven technology and self-driving cars (just to name a few). So what does this mean for the world of design? Well, if you’re imagining an Orwellian brain-washed society, you’re not alone. Continue reading