The Importance of Having a Budget

Hey fellow millennials! Even though we are the most creative and innovative generation of this era, we’re also broke and not always the best at making educated financial decisions! Between student loan debt, living off lower wages than the generations before us and the constant pressure to spend money on awesome experiences, we’re at quite the financial disadvantage! I tried to do things as fiscally smart on my end as possible. I attended community college before transferring to an in-state school, I worked part-time for several years before landing a full-time job in my industry, and I lived with my mom the entire time. Even though I didn’t pay rent (which don’t get me wrong, helped out A TON), I still had monthly bills and graduated with some student loan debt from SDSU. Just paying those monthly bills caused me to have a budget from the start, but now I’m starting to look into moving out and renting. Even though I’ve only been heavily researching for about two months, I’m starting to realize that this is not going to be easy! These are a few of the things that I need to keep in mind when creating this new extremely thorough budget! Continue reading

Having Faith that Things Will Work Themselves Out

One of the funny things about life, is that it continues to throw curveballs at us even when we think we have everything planned out. I tend to feel this way, A LOT! I think ever since I became a fan of planning for my long-term goals, I tend to become extremely panicked when things are simply beyond my control. I’m always shocked when either an individual or organization that I respect is lousy at giving me a solid answer and/or plan. Sometimes, I’m not even sure if I’m more frustrated or jealous that I’m more prepared than them. Lately, there have been multiple occasions where I’ve been faced with the rude awakening that sometimes you just have to have a leap of faith. The idea of this drives me just as nuts as the next person, but it’s true. Here’s what has helped me cope with this in past situations. Continue reading

What to Consider When Planning Out Your Summer

Ever since I can remember, I have started out every summer with dreams, aspirations and goals that I thought I could obtain. Some summers I do accomplish more than others, but most of the time I spent wayyyyyy too much time sleeping in and getting addicted to different TV shows. With the advent of Netflix, this bad habit has only gotten much, much worse. I’ve found if I don’t go out of my way to plan out what I’m going to do with the little bit of summer I do have, it will just fly past me 100 miles-per-hour. In order to accomplish these summer goals, I encourage you to make a summer bucket-list! Summer should be fun and spontaneous, but you should definitely have an overall checklist. These are the things that you should consider when making that list… Continue reading

What I’ll Miss the Most about IMCP


I remember it like it was yesterday. I was panicking. Panicking that I wouldn’t get in, panicking that I had made a mistake by starting a new job, and panicking that I wouldn’t be good enough. It was the first day of the Interactive Media Certificate Program, and I still wasn’t sure if I had actually made it into the program yet. I was so nervous! In the background, I had already applied and accepted a part-time job at a tech startup and hadn’t even told my job at the time that I was planning on leaving to go back to school. Everything was boiling down to that initial class meeting. I was number 42 out of the 44 people that were allowed in the class. In the beginning, it was so packed that I had to use my own laptop and didn’t even have a workstation with a desk. About two weeks into the program I was able to get a workstation that included a desk and a classroom computer, and about three months in everyone in my row had dropped from the program. Now only about 16 of us have actually stuck it out through the nights and weekend classes that have made up the last 10 months! A week from tomorrow I will have earned my certificate in interactive media and graphic design and I almost can’t believe that this journey is coming to an end! Even though I was nervous about committing to such an intense program, I have absolutely no regrets! Looking back, I am so much more knowledgeable and marketable now as an advertiser than I was back in September. These are a few of the reasons that I’m so glad that I took this program.

Continue reading

What One Year of Blogging Has Taught Me

I can’t believe I’m already able to say this, but tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my first blog post! I honestly never envisioned myself as a blogger until that first post was published. I knew having a blog would be a plus when applying for jobs, but I never thought I was an “expert” in any particular subject area. Also, as it turns out, blogging on a consistent basis can be quite the commitment! So how did I end up with this website that I’ve devoted countless hours to? Well, it all started out as a portfolio site for a college class during my last semester at San Diego State University. We had to create a portfolio site on WordPress with a home page, about section, a resume and any work samples from our field-related courses. This website was originally created on the Journalism and Media Studies school’s intranet, but I had the option of exporting the site onto my own public WordPress site once I had graduated. I decided to do this mid-May of 2016, but felt like there was something missing. When I realized that WordPress gave me the option to having a blog site, I thought that I might as well go for it! I wrote my very first blog post, “So You’ve Graduated, Now What?”, and published it on May 25, 2016. It was this initial post that has paved the way for #WeeklyPostWednesdays. Since then, I’ve learned so many things about blogging and know that I have so much more to learn in the future! Continue reading

Teach Yourself

If you’re a Parks and Recreation fan, you’ve heard of the phrase “Treat Yo Self!”, which has been made famous by the larger-than-life characters Tom (Aziz Ansari) and Donna (Retta). Every once in a while, these two characters would celebrate “Treat Yo Self!” Day, by pampering themselves with an overall disregard for potential consequences. We’ve all had a day where we treated ourselves in order to counteract the negatives in life. While I believe we all need days where we treat ourselves, I also believe we need days where we teach ourselves. If you read last week’s blog post, you know that it’s a great time to immerse yourself in the digital world. Part of this means that you have the tools to explore new things and learn new skills. Below I have listed some of the resources that allow you to do this. Continue reading

Why It’s a Great Time to Be Alive for a Digital Nomad


[noh-mad] n. a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply.


Now that we know what a nomad is (courtesy of, what the heck is a digital nomad? Well according to…

Digital nomads are people who are location independent and use technology to perform their job. Digital nomads work remotely (telecommute), which is now economically possible due to cheap internet access, smartphones and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to keep in contact with clients and employers.


If you’ve ever had an idea that you felt set you apart from the crowd, now is your time to act on it! You can easily become a digital nomad due to some of the factors that I have listed below. Continue reading