First of all, I want to apologize for skipping last week! Things have been absolutely crazy on my end and I wasn’t able to get this out in time. I’ve gone over two years without skipping a week, so I felt terrible about it. Anyway, please enjoy this week’s topic!

Life changes are typically bittersweet when they happen. You can be in a miserable situation for a long period of time, and still be sad when change is finally taking place. Even though it’s one of the top 10 cliche sayings of all time, you really never know what you have until it’s gone. Now even though there were probably some positives in your previous situation, that still doesn’t mean that it was healthy or beneficial for you to maintain it. It can be hard to not reminisce on the good times and let those times influence your future. Like almost everything in life, these principles are pretty universal in the different areas in your life such as work, your personal life, school, family, health, etc. Even though I’m still learning on how to more easily accept change in my life, the following things are what have personally helped me as of late.


Appreciate the Past for What it Was

I’m a creature of habit and I’m pretty sure that you might be too. There’s a certain kind of sadness that comes with any type of life change. I’ve taken classes I’ve hated for months at a time, and I’ll still got a sense of sadness after the final class ended. Even in the most miserable of times, there were probably moments of happiness and laughter that made it nearly impossible to let go. Instead of approaching the past as something that needs to be completely forgotten to move on, remember the good times for what they were while realizing  that change is fundamental for improving yourself.



Take a Deep Look on Why Things in Your Life Needed to Change

No matter how much denial we surround ourselves with, we know when certain changes have to take place. Maybe you realize that you need to grow more, that you’ve sacrificed too much for something that ultimately won’t pay off, or you’ve possibly just become too miserable in your given situation. Any of these examples are cautionary signs that you need to begin a new stage in your life. Like I mentioned above, it can be hard to let go of something when you associated good memories or positive outcomes with it. Just because something was great for you at one time, doesn’t mean that it will always be good for you. Many people associate that school of though with personal relationships, this also applies to areas such as work, living situations, and everything else.



Understand That There Will Be an Adjustment Period

Every single time you have a major shift in your life, you will go through some kind of an adjustment period. Some adjustments will feel more extreme than others and take longer to get through, and that’s perfectly okay. Unfortunately there isn’t a quick fix to going through adjustment periods, but I did dedicate this blog post several months ago about my tips. Even though it can be extremely hard to put things into perspective, don’t let the horrible emotions that come with adjusting trick you into regretting your decisions.



Set Achievable Goals That Will Come With These New Changes

So this might seem obvious, but you decided to change your life because you wanted to improve your long-term situation. Instead of letting your decisions automatically steer the way of your future, try setting goals focused on these changes. If you’re moving to a new town to seek more opportunity, start setting goals related to networking or training shortly after you move. If you started a new job for career advancement reasons, demonstrate your leadership capabilities from day one moving forward. I’ve unfortunately learned this the very hard way, but your expectations of how your life will go do not come true on auto-pilot mode. You need to be actively involved in achieving your goals throughout your life, or it will pass you by leaving you feeling bitter and resentful.



Change is one of the hardest principles for us to accept. Even though it may never come easy, the more you can wrap your head around the reasons for change and why it is necessary for personal growth, the easier it will get. Hope this helps, and I promise I’ll be back next week!



Infographic of the Week:


Question of the Week:

What is one of the hardest life changes you had to go through and how did you handle it?

3 thoughts on “Learning How to Accept Change

  1. This was so “right on” Haley! Thank you for sharing such insightful tips on accepting the past for what it is and ways to move forward in a positive way with the changes in our lives.


  2. Currently, I am in the middle of a life change . . .retirement. My entire life, I waited for this chance to just not work anymore, and I have it. I find that I am missing work! lol! As humans, can we every be totally happy with “how things are?”


  3. As I get Older Change is harder to accept but, it seems change is happening more and more as the years go by. The way I deal with it is accept it and move on. I keep the good memories in my heart and try to forgive and forget the bad ones (this part is harder to do). I really enjoyed this article.


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