Well, let me start off by saying that this last week was a VERY tough week for me. From car problems to other personal problems, I probably silently cried on three different occasions. To protect my ego, I probably shouldn’t be admitting that on here, but I digress. My point here is that I made it through the week in one piece, despite feeling like I was rapidly falling apart. So how on earth is me telling you about my problems supposed to help you? Venting about the details of each negative situation probably won’t be of much assistance to you, but I can explain my process of powering through the bad to eventually uncover the good in life. It’s a tedious process, but you’ll be so much stronger (both physically and mentally) to carry on with your goals. I’ve found that powering through has helped me at work, at school, in personal situations, with my health, and even in financial situations. Let me explain…



#1. Get it All Out

I’m typically one of those people who likes to pretend that I’m fine, even when I’m definitely not okay. What I’ve learned from the past two years of multiple hardships is that I’m human and that it’s perfectly okay to have human emotions. It’s okay to cry, yell, curse, etc., but I suggest doing these things in a private place where no one else can judge how crazy/pitiful you look. We’re not all fortunate enough to be in a place where we can do these things in a private manner, but if you can excuse yourself to the nearest restroom or outside area that’s definitely the better alternative. The sooner and quicker you can get your immediate emotions out of your system, the easier time you’ll have getting through the following steps. Having pent-up anger and sadness will only lead to a larger meltdown, and that’s when you’ll look even more crazy and unstable to everyone around you.



#2. Pick Yourself Back Up

This step can be hard, because it requires you to completely mentally shift gears in a very quick matter of time. You are literally going from throwing yourself a pity party to being your very own critical drill sergeant. I’ll give you an example of what this entails. Last Friday morning, I received a call from my local car dealership that the repairs on my car were going to cost several thousand dollars. I was already having a pretty rough week, so hearing this news was the cherry on top of my disgustingly, rotten, gluten-free cake. Even though I’ve since discovered that I can probably fix my car for A LOT cheaper and that the problem isn’t as extreme as they were suggesting, I simply broke down after hearing the news. Once I hung up, I cried a little bit. After a couple of minutes, I looked at the time and realized that I had a very important phone call scheduled in 10 minutes. I had to make an executive decision; was I going to let this financial woe make me or break me? I quickly went to a vacant bathroom, cried a little harder, and then gave myself an epic pep talk. I wish I was kidding, but it involved me staring at myself in the mirror, pointing violently at the mirror, and telling myself to pull it together because I’m better than this ugly moment. I was not going to let one dishonest mechanic determine my future and my legacy. Now if someone would have walked into that bathroom during this strange conversation with myself, I would look like I’ve completely lost my mind. Still, I rather temporarily look insane to a random stranger than sacrifice my goals in a bad situation.



#3. Research Alternatives

Once you gather yourself and your thoughts, it’s time to research! Your initial plans or goals obviously didn’t unfold the way you were hoping they would, so this is where you need to start finding other options. Unfortunately, you’ll need to put your investigative hat on and conduct some thorough research. It’s hard to become motivated to begin this step after having your soul crushed, but it’s a necessary step for moving forward! Look up things such as cost, ease of use, reviews, and any other aspect that are important to your unique situation. Not too many people enjoy this process, but you’ll be thankful that you went through it in the long-run.



#4. Start Implementing Plan B

Once you feel like you’ve researched as much as you possibly can, you’ll need to weigh out your options to see what makes the most sense at this point in time. Sometimes it’s the option that will either save you the most money, time, and/or your sanity. You never really know until you exhaust your researching resources and weigh your options against each other. Once you know the route you want to go, you need to start the implementation process. This can be stressful, but once you move forward with a plan you’ll start to feel better. Doing something is a lot better than not doing anything at all!



#5. Analyze the Lessons Learned

Even though you’re probably asking yourself why this ever had to happen to you, there is probably a silver lining in your negative experience. Usually that silver lining comes in the form of a lesson. Even though that can be annoying to hear, it’s important that you learn from whatever the underlying lesson is. In the example with my car, I’ve learned to pay attention to my car and identify a problem right away instead of trying to handle it on my own. In other cases, I’ve had to learn some pretty tough lessons and carry those painful takeaways with me in any future decision-making. No matter what it is, think of it as a learning experience. Some mistakes we have to experience on our own. The only thing worse than learning something the hard way once, is to have to learn it twice.



#6. Remember How Awesome You Are

This step may sound a little cheesy, but it’s actually super important! You are a strong, beautiful, and awesome person who just pushed their way through a really tough scenario. Instead of being hard on yourself, try congratulating yourself! It’s important to give credit where it’s due. What I’ve found about this step is that it actually helps you power through future scenarios that may have previously gotten the best of you. The more you start to realize how invincible you are in these situations, the more you’ll get through the tough road ahead. Even though I was mad and sad about a lot of things this week, I was proud of my work ethic and my perseverance through it all.



I hope this week’s post helped with whatever you may be going through! As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below 🙂


Infographic of the Week:




Question of the Week:

How do you get through tough situations?

7 thoughts on “Powering Through to Uncover Your Success

  1. I fall apart (cry; lay on bed and kick my feet, ect.) and then I get out a pen and paper and start making plans to fix the problems. Drawing up new plans really helps calm me down and helps me to see that I do have some power over the situation.

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  2. After I spin around in circles not knowing where to start, I pull myself together and make an outline of what needs to be done and start filling in the outline until it turns into a plan. The act of making the plan gives me a since of control over what I want the outcome to be.

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