I’m so sorry to make you go through this, but I want you to remember a time when you were in a stressful group project situation. I know, I’m pure evil. I’m sorry again, but I promise you there is a point to all of this. If you were one of the lucky ones, you had AT LEAST one other person who was also a team player (assuming that you were also a good group partner)! Those one or two people made you believe in the good of humanity all over again! Whether they saved you from getting chewed out by a client, failing your class, or just keeping your sanity, you were extremely thankful for their mere existence. Now what if I told you that this is your karma-filled moment to pass it on throughout the many areas of your life? Having a collaborative mindset can positively affect your career, education, relationship, family, and health. Let me explain what I mean…Your Career

I don’t care how talented of an individual you are, you’re going to need help in your career. You can be a Jack of all trades, but at the end of the day you’re still a Jack who may need the assistance of another pro in a certain area. For example, I like to consider myself a wealth of marketing and creative knowledge for the most part, but I have to ask for assistance even in the things that I’m good at. A couple of months ago, I was creating an animated ad for my job (which I know how to do) but something with the action script wasn’t compiling correctly in Adobe Animate. This meant I had to do what every graphic designer hates doing: looking into the code. I am not a developer/programmer by trade despite my parents both starting their careers out in programming. The apple fell FAR FAR AWAY from the tree on that one. I’m the type of person who is dumbfounded that I was even able to get a solid understanding of HTML and CSS under my belt. This may be due to my nightmare of a Java class I took in high school, but either way I try to stay away from non-designer-friendly code as much as possible. After tearing my hair out looking for the incorrect code snippet in my ad, I had to call in the help of two of my techie coworkers. We were all stumped for a good two hours until we realized there was a colon where a semi-colon should have been. Even though we all had issues finding the error, it took all of us to get to that point of understanding. 

Your Education

This one is a lesson that I’m pretty sure all of us have learned at one point or another. When you take on a group project by yourself, you’re gonna have a bad time mmmkay? That was for my fellow South Park fans out there, by the way. Anyway, I’m sure all of you responsible people out there remember just how awful it was doing the work of three plus people all by yourself without getting the recognition you deserved. It’s a pretty awful experience if you ask me. Even though you may have been the unsung hero of that class that semester, it trained you for a life of thanklessness and responsibility. As depressing as that sounds, it will be what sets you apart from everyone else as you grow and continue your success. I know I sound like a guidance counselor on this one, but it is so true. Your knowledge is half the battle to getting where you want to be, while your ambition is the other half that we fail to talk about. Without ambition, you’ll be scratching your head wondering why you have five degrees under your belt but are in the same exact place in your life as five years ago. It happens more than I’d like to admit, and you don’t want that to be you.

Your Relationship

Relationships are tough, and even though women tend to be better at reading between the lines, none of us are mind readers! If you’re in a relationship to take on the burden solely by yourself than why on earth are you in the king of all forms of partnership? I think after you’ve been in a relationship for a long period of time, you start to lose sight of why you’re in it in the first place. Don’t feel bad, it happens to all of us. As I had to start getting more and more responsible in my own life, I realized that I was slowly trying to take on everything by myself. Even though I’m a self-motivated person, I didn’t realize how much it was affecting the people that I love most (including myself)! I was so confused why no one could see I needed help, but at the same time trying my hardest to appear like I had everything figured out. It was an extremely tough lesson for me to learn, but now I realize there’s no point to pretending to be invincible when deep down you can really use some support. There’s no way to prevent this entirely from happening, but please remember that when you go through your own trials and tribulations. 

Your Family

It takes a village… to deal with your family! All joking aside, family issues can get very very complicated. Usually speaking, we’re not able to take on the burden of our immediate and extended families all by ourselves. Can you only imagine?!?! Since family members are supposed to stick together through thick and thin, lean on them when you need to! Show them that you are there for support, but that you also need help. I know we can all get a little too comfortable with our family members, which can make it extremely difficult to get along at times. Trust me, take those collaboration skills you learned in the other areas of your life and apply it here as well.

Your Health

Health is a biggie! Another extremely tough lesson I learned about a year ago was asking for help when it came to my surgery. For those of you who read that blog post (or more like rant fest) you saw that I wanted to act like I didn’t need any help at all, which actually made me physically ill. I was so stressed out and hurt by the fact that no one could see how upset I was. Meanwhile, I was doing a fantastic job at pretending that I was alright. I’ve learned to not make that mistake again! On the flip side, make sure you let the important people in your life know that you’re there for them as well! They might be going through a health scare and are too freaked out to tell you about it too. If you start noticing signs that that person is acting a little strange, try being as supportive as possible. The more you show that you’re part of the same team as the person who is going through the health issues, the stronger they’ll be. 

We all go through situations in all parts of life that require us to help or to ask for it instead! Collaboration is the key to so many different scenarios even when it doesn’t seem like it. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for next week’s #WeeklyPostWednesday!

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Question of the Week:

When has collaboration helped you out a lot?

One thought on “How Having a Team Player Mindset Helps You In Every Aspect of Your Life

  1. Right now, as my husband and I are making a move from one home to another, we are having to collaborate with others a lot. We are having to lean on others to help us move our things and to help us store our things. We like to think we can do it all by our selves, but in reality we cannot.


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