I never thought I’d be quoting a Taylor Swift song, but I guess there’s a first for everything! Just in case you aren’t one of her Swifties, Shake it Off was Taylor Swift’s first song after transitioning her career from country music to pop. The hit single is not only catchy, but promotes “shaking off” all the negative energy around you. Well, this week I’m here to do the same thing. There are so many little things that can drive you up the wall and make you a total bummer to be around. For example, this weekend was not my best weekend ever. I’m finally getting over a cold, I had to spend so much more money than I was planning on going out, and I got a flat tire on Super Bowl Sunday. Even though I just wanted to wallow in my own misery for a little bit, I’m starting to learn that it’s just not worth it! We all have our good days and our bad days, and that’s just the unfortunate thing about life. Here are my tips for shaking off the annoying things that life throws your way.

Think Big Picture

Everything in life really comes down to perspective. Of course I’m angry about my tire, but things could be so much worse. Imagine if my brakes were cut or my engine stopped working. I would be in a whole other predicament right now. Also, I was lucky enough to notice my flat tire before I left the parking lot of my apartment. That means all I had to do was turn around and park it back in my space. Don’t get me wrong it’s still inconvenient and I’ll still have to be spending money that I wasn’t planning on spending, but things could be sooooooo much worse. There will be moments and events in your life that will be difficult to shrug off, but overall the tedious things will fade into your distant memory.

Someone Else Has it Way Worse

I know this isn’t the nicest way to look at things, but in a twisted way it makes you thankful for the life you have and the opportunities that are available to you. There is always someone out there who is having a worse day than you. It might feel like your whole world is crashing down, but someone else will simultaneously be going through something that you can’t even imagine. My boyfriend actually sent me this video a couple weeks ago that paints this picture perfectly. It’s easy to go into pity party mode when life seems unfair compared to our surroundings. Trust me, I went to an affluent high school on the west coast and a small part of me felt a little resentment towards my peers. Even though I never let it get to me too much, I couldn’t help but feel that way at times. Instead of letting this eat me alive, I tried to look at how I had more opportunity by attending this school over one closer to where I was originally from.

Don’t Join the Jaded Bunch

Typically speaking, the more you let the negatives get to you, the more jaded you become over time. It is incredibly easy to become jaded. I’ve had my jaded phases, and they can be a real pain to get out of. I’ve also seen so many people I really care about lose sight of their optimistic ways over a long string of bad luck. It’s completely understandable why this can happen, but it’s so unfortunate! You don’t want to constantly bum people out with your pessimism, because they’ll slowly start distancing themselves away from your gloomy aura. Nothing feels better than regaining hope after a long drought from joy and fun. This is where I encourage you to surround yourself with as many positives as possible to counteract the negatives!

Appreciate What’s Going Great

This is somewhat of a segue from the last point, but it does deserve it’s own paragraph. Even when life seems at its worse, there are certain positives that we tend to lose sight of. I can confidently say that 2017 was one of the worst years of my life, but that doesn’t mean that it was all bad! I lost some weight at one point, earned my certificate in graphic design and multimedia, got promoted, and reconnected with some old friends. Even though there were other things that threw me through a total loop of anxiety, the little things in the other aspects of my life somehow kept me going. By recognizing what’s still good, we reach this inner sense of balance that helps us stay grounded.

Bad Things Happen to Everyone

Whether you’re rich, poor, old, young, black or white, BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO EVERYONE! Of course certain groups are at more of a disadvantage than others, but we all have struggles in one way or another. Yes, someone’s struggles might be more extreme than another person’s, but we still all have to deal with really crappy days. Instead of taking these mishaps personally, try remembering that chances are that you’re not alone, at all. I was having a hard time with this not all that long ago, because I felt like I was undeserving of the you-know-what storm that was hitting me. I couldn’t get over the fact that I worked hard and was pretty nice to just about everybody. One day I had to snap out of the “why me” and realize, these kind of things can happen to literally anyone. Whether it was purely bad luck or not, I just had to roll with the punches and look forward.

We all have to brave through the stormy clouds before we can get to the rays of sunshine! Remember, try not to let the little things get you down. Everyone has obstacles to face, but how we bounce back from these set backs is what sets us apart!

Infographic of the Week:

1 5.png


Question of the Week:

What’s something that’s still hard for you to shake off?

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