One of the areas of my life that I have the hardest time with, is the concept of moderation. Ever since I can remember, I tend to have phases of going from one extreme to another, especially when it comes to things such as eating and my daily performance. As my luck would have it, moderation is what not only keeps you on track, but keeps you sane as well! Having too much structure can you turn you into an extremely bitter person. Having absolutely no structure can make you feel like an absolute failure. So, let me explain how I’ve personally been fitting moderation into my life. 

With Food

This is one of my biggest battles! On the inside, I’m an uncertified foodie who doesn’t know when to stop indulging. On the outside, I like to be able to wear skinny jeans without suffocating. Throughout my young adult years I’ve gone from calorie counting every single thing to eating multiple Fast Food combos in a day. In case you don’t know much about me yet, I am OBSESSED with avocados and donuts. Even better, is that my new office location for work is right across the street from my favorite donut establishment in San Diego. Instead of being completely unrealistic, I’ve limited myself to having ONE donut and a coffee only on Fridays. That way I’m satisfying my love of the sweet pastry, while not turning it into a ginormous problem.

In Your Social Life

When you’re in your twenties it can be extremely hard to say no to social situations due to FOMO (fear of missing out). Besides the obvious health reasons, it’s really not good to party every single weekend. Trust me, I know how easy it is to get in the habit of going to the local bar with your friends, but sometimes you should just stay at home instead. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll save money and possibly avoid some awkward moments that never even had to happen in the first place.

At Work

I think we have the hardest time with this one in American society. We love to work, even if it means we’re running absolutely ragged. It’s not even so much that we love working, but we are so afraid of falling behind. Don’t get me wrong you should use your vacation time sparingly, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to turn a 3-day weekend into a 4-day one, or even to just take an occasional mental health day to get yourself back on track. I can be incredibly hard on myself when it comes to pulling my weight at work, that sometimes I lose sight of the importance of downtime.

Through Relaxation & Mental Health

Speaking of relaxing, going out of your way to actually relax in your downtime is super important. Of course we all have things to do on our weekends such as running errands or visiting family, but it is necessary to pamper yourself in some way at least once a month. Your body needs some form of nourishment in order to continue enduring the constant stress you put it through on a daily basis.

By Shopping (Sparingly)

I usually try to avoid the mall in order to not tempt myself, but sometimes it just feels nice to treat yourself to tangible goods. When I’ve worked a few overtime hours, I tend to feel less guilty about buying clothes and/or accessories. Since I know that these hours give me a little more money than I’d normally have, it feels like an added bonus for me to enjoy myself with. When I’m in the shopping spirit, I try to limit the amount of stores I go to and give myself a budget that I cannot go over.

Most of us aren’t Kardashians, so that means we only have limited resources to actually spend enjoying ourselves. Nevertheless, it’s important for everyone to make bettering themselves a priority.

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Question of the Week:

How do you treat yourself?

2 thoughts on “How To Treat Yourself in Moderation

  1. I like to make a large on-line order and forget about it. Then when it shows up in the mail a few days later, I feel like some one has sent me a really cool gift. It is a cool gift, because “I” picked it out! Right now I have six t-shirts on the way from Land’s End. I can’t wait until my “gift” arrives!


  2. Yoga at the YMCA is included in the monthly cost and it makes you feel fantastic, stand tall and get a grip on life. Also, I get a facial every 6 weeks. It’s relaxing and good for your skin. If you shop around you can find a good technician in a clean and reasonably priced salon..


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