It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and the most stressful! Most of us don’t have perfect Hallmark movie Christmases, and most of us tend to procrastinate when it comes to the gift-giving aspects of everything. “What should I get my best friend? Oh shoot, what about my boss?” I’m sure we’ve all had those thoughts frantically prance around our mind during this time of the year. Well, I’m your holiday helper this week! This is my advice on what you should get for those special people in your life.

Your Family

Chances are that you know your family pretty well (maybe even too well). I find that clothing and apparel is always a safe bet, but this is also the time to get passion-oriented gifts. If there’s a cook in your family get them something unique for their culinary needs. If your cousin is an artist, maybe get them a cool art set. If your uncle likes to travel, maybe get him a nice backpack. I’m sure you get the picture by now!


Your Friends

I love giving my friends novelty/humorous items. Most of my friends have a ridiculous sense of humor just like moi, so getting them silly gifts is appreciated. When I don’t feel like being too silly, I might give my female friends accessories and jewelry and my male friends a DVD or something entertaining. With friends sometimes you can set a budget to make things less complicated, but that’s something that is up to you!


Your Significant Other

I think people always assume that they need to give their significant other something romantic, but I don’t necessarily agree with that. I personally appreciate gifts that have a lot of meaning or fall into the category of something I’ve been desperately needing. Gifts to your significant other should be special for one reason or another. Sometimes these gifts can be experiences instead of tangible goods, such as a vacation or tickets to an event.

Your Boss/Coworkers

This is where food items are perfect! Alcohol is also a popular item in this category, but not everyone drinks. For example, half of my coworkers do not drink alcohol at all while the other half do. On the other hand, all of my coworkers like food! Whether it’s crackers, cookies, or popcorn, holiday food items are always a safe bet. Even if that person isn’t crazy about the particular food you gave them, chances are that someone in their family or friend group is that they can give it to.

Friends You’ve Made in the Service Industry

Whether it’s your hairdresser or your barista, sometimes you have established a friendship that goes beyond the typical client-customer relationship. Food items are also a great choice here, but so are holiday specific items such as snow globes, candles, or any other holiday-themed gift. I like to think it’s the thought that counts on these kinds of items more than the practicality behind them. Sometimes it’s nice to make the people in your life feel special, even if it’s a small gesture during the holidays.


Of course this guide isn’t an end-all rule book to your gift-giving this year, but I hope it helps! Gifts are more about the gesture of giving than the item itself, so try not to stress out too much.


Infographic of the Week:


Question of the Week:

What’s the most thoughtful holiday gift you’ve ever received?

One thought on “A Christmas Gift Guide By Yours Truly

  1. I have received many thoughtful gifts and I can’t narrow it down to just one. A lady once told me that there are “three C’s of gift giving.” Here they are; Collectable, Collapsible, or Consumable. She said that if they are not one of these, don’t get that gift. I thought these were pretty good rules to follow.


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