Sometimes in life we get a little bit too comfortable with our surroundings. Being comfortable is good since it reflects a sense of stability and reliability, but sometimes it can hold us back from accomplishing so much more and ultimately moving forward. I tend to get myself in situations where I’m so comfortable that I start to get uncomfortable, if that even makes any sense. I am a creature of habit, but I still like some spontaneity in my life. Here is what has helped me in the past when it comes to mixing it up in a healthy way!


Change Up the One Thing That is Causing You the Most Stress

Let me start off by saying that this is SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE. The thing causing you the most stress is probably an extremely significant part of your life, which is why it might be having such a large impact. I’m not saying you should abandon this area and jump ship, but try to change the aspects that you can. Sometimes this can mean changing how you personally approach something. Some things are sadly unlikely to change, and that’s when it’s up to you to decide what kind of an attitude you should approach them with. Sometimes reframing something in your head will go a long way.


Slowly Expose Yourself to New Things and Places

Please do not take me too literally on this! If you get arrested for flashing strangers in a park, I do not want to hear you blame me and this blog post! All joking aside, it’s good to experience new things. I tend to get anxiety over the smallest things, including going to a new place to get coffee. I know that’s ridiculous, but I’m a ridiculous person by nature. Even though I know this about myself, I still try to (eventually) trek the unknown. For me it’s easier to do this with another person or two, but either way it’s important to not always have the same exact routine everyday.


Accomplish Something on Your Bucket List

Have you always wanted to go skydiving or feed a giraffe? THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I know some of our dreams are hard to achieve due to location and money, but many of our simple goals are easily attainable if we really put our minds to it. For instance, I love Conan O’Brien and I finally decided to go to a taping of his show. This is one of those things I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now, but the little things in life kept getting in the way. I finally decided, that this year was the year and now I’m really happy that I did! Not only did I have a good time, but I felt like I accomplished something.


Stop Thinking in Terms of Possible and Impossible

Society has engrained it in us to think in terms of realistic and unrealistic, or possible and impossible. Even though there are certain things that are impossible (or highly improbable), having that kind of mentality can limit you in so many ways. Sometimes it’s better to run with an idea or dream and fail miserably, than to not take a chance on it at all. I have especially gotten in that rut in the last year or two of dismissing things thinking that they weren’t practical for me to pursue. I’m now starting to realize that if I don’t start broadening my horizon of what’s possible now, it might just jade me for the rest of my life. Please don’t fall into that trap!


I hope this week’s post has helped you with finding your happy medium between being comfortable and seeking new opportunities! Remember, stability is never a bad thing, but too much routine can stop you from achieving your goals.


Infographic of the Week:


Question of the Week:

What is a goal you still need to achieve?

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