This weekend it dawned on me; my daily routine has become so “routine” for lack of a better word, that it has made other areas of my life extremely messy. I took a look around my room and it looks like a natural disaster has hit it. On top of that, my backpack has become an abyss of random documents and my planner is so scarce that I wouldn’t be surprised is a tumbleweed popped out of it. I was never the most organized person I know, but in recent years I have had some level of organization in my life. Now I  feel like I’m completely lacking in any organization. So how do I plan on getting out of this cycle of utterly distracting routine?  Well let me explain.

#1. Mentally Prioritize Organization 

You know how they say you have to be mentally ready before you actually succeed in losing weight or giving up smoking? It’s because your mind has to deem your goal crucial enough for you to change your life in a positive way. You need to be ready for this change in order for it to work long-term. I really do not like cleaning, but I’m starting to realize that all this lack of order is effecting my sleep, my mood, and my health overall.


#2. Leave At Least One Day and/or Night Free to Take Care of the Little Things

My major obstacle is having time! Lately I’ve been spreading myself so thin between work, my blog, and my personal life, that I feel like I have no time whatsoever. When I do get a little bit of time (which usually happens on Sundays) I tend to end up making it one of my beloved “lazy days”.  I have decided that in order to take back control, I need to deliberately set aside time to focus on the task at hand.


#3. Try Multi-Tasking

If I can multi-task during something that I typically don’t enjoy doing, I’m more likely to achieve the task at hand. For instance, if you’re cleaning something, you can either watch TV or listen to a fun playlist to make the time go by quicker. You can’t multi-task for all things, but certain tasks and chores don’t require as much brain power as others do! If you’re organizing something such as your finances, then I’d suggest skipping any multi-tasking.


#4. Make It Fun

This should be obvious, but we tend to lose sight of this frequently! The more fun you make something, the better time you’re going to have. It’s literally that simple. Of course you can incorporate multi-tasking into the fun, or maybe you can reward yourself when you make it to a certain step or stopping point in your task. Life usually isn’t very fun in general, so many of us avoid doing tedious things in our spare time. This is your opportunity to turn the annoying and tedious into fun and interesting!

I encourage you to trek on this journey of stopping procrastination once and for all! If you end up getting the things you’ve let go back on track, let me know how it worked for you.


Infographic of the Week:


Question of the Week:

What’s something you need to put as a higher priority?

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