I don’t know if you can tell from many of the topics that I’ve covered over the last several months, but my life has been extremely weird lately. And I don’t mean the good kind of weird either. Even though things are starting to improve, the process is taking a whole lot longer than I was expecting it to. Remarkably, despite little actual progress, my attitude and outlook has changed considerably. I realized that these things started changing as soon as I had hope about the future again. I’ve always been a hopeful person, so when I started losing hope in my future, I felt my personality changing for the worst. Once I started striving for things down the road, I noticed my current situation changing. Here’s what helped me…

Get Wrapped Up in Holiday Festivities

As a kid, teenager and even as a young adult, I’ve always loved getting into the holiday spirit. Anytime I had an excuse to dress up and gorge myself on sweets, I absolutely did. After I graduated from college, I started ignoring these silly holidays, because I wasn’t in a good mood at all. Joy is one of those feelings that can be incredibly hard to fake. Ironically, I could have temporarily gotten myself out of that funk by participating in my favorite cheesy festivities. I recently went all-out for Halloween this year, and I forgot how much fun it was to indulge in the spooky holiday. Life can easily suffocated by all of the serious things, so why not lighten up a little bit?


Find Inspiration from Those Around You

Inspiration is key to discovering what you can attain in your own life. I recently wrote about finding inspiration in this blog post, but I feel that it’s important to stress it again. I believe that we all have a creative side deep down, but sometimes we need a little bit of influence to spark our own ideas. I personally have found that some of my best inspiration comes from those who are close to me. When I see someone else who continues to stay positive in extremely rough times, it encourages me to be strong as well. We tend to admire the people we love, and sometimes they’re the ones that push us to improve ourselves. This brings me to my next point.


Talk to Those Who Have Survived a Similar Situation

Each situation is different from the next, but chances are that someone else you know has gone through something very similar at one point or another in their life. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that anyone else has ever dealt with the pressures that you’ve dealt with. Only through open communication and understanding can you learn from someone else’s experiences and mistakes and apply them to your own future goals. By suppressing your feelings, you’re unintentionally making it harder to achieve the future you wanted.


Turn Positivity Into a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

I don’t mean to sound like every self-help book out there, but sometimes it all boils down to putting your mind over matter. I’ve noticed that I get myself into more positive situations when I force myself to think positively. It’s almost like this magical domino effect that takes place. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to forget about this and to get swept up in negative environments. Try not to let yourself become jaded, and do your best to keep a positive frame of mind.


We will all go through rough patches in our lifetime, and we won’t always have a perfect solution for unforeseen roadblocks. I’ve learned a lot about myself and life can go in a crazy direction lately, and these are the things that truly helped me get back on track.


Infographic of the Week:




Question of the week:

What keeps you moving forward?

2 thoughts on “How Moving Forward is the Key to Happiness

  1. Setting both long term goals and short term goals helps me move forward. When I get in a “funk” I review my long term goals and make sure that I am on the correct path. Yes, I will still experience the gray “funk”, but when it lifts I am still on the right path and nothing has been lost.


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