I see the same theme in both the young and old lately- the notion that we can’t always get what we want out of life and we just need to roll with the punches. Even though I agree with this to some degree, it feels like we’re just inspiring an entire generation to give up on the things they’ve been dreaming about since they were little kids. Whether it’s a career, a material possession, or finding that special someone, we’ve all become somewhat jaded by the mass amount of horrible circumstances that have plagued others. Even though I’ve had a fair share of things in my life go completely wrong lately, there are things in my life I accomplished by believing they were possible from the get-go. Of course it takes a pinch of motivation and ambition as well for these things to happen, but it all starts with your mentality. Below I break down where you can start with attaining your goals.

Focus on the “When” Not the “If”

I think most of us tend to dwell on the improbable. You tend to hear, “If I become famous” or “If I land my dream job”, but by simply replacing “if” with “when” you start to develop a completely different mind set. I know that sounds completely trivial, but it’s amazing how that little trick can transform your thought process. Some of the things I’ve already accomplished are due to myself not believing in any other option besides success. I try not to think of failure as an option in most things. Even though that isn’t always healthy, since we all do fail sometimes, it has helped me overall in my goals in life.


Surround Yourself with Encouragement and Support

This is so incredibly important! The more naysayers you surround yourself with, the more miserable and undetermined you will become. Everyone needs emotional support throughout the rough patches in life, and not having any feels awful. I’ve known so many people that have so much potential, and I’m shocked when I hear about the lack of support they get from their friends and loved ones. It’s not only important to surround yourself with encouraging people, but it’s also equally important to be an encouraging person to others as well.


Start Taking the Inevitable Baby Steps

Usually speaking, making big life decisions won’t happen overnight. Start planning out how much time and what “prerequisites” your long-term goals require. Not only do big changes require in-depth planning, but you also don’t want to overwhelm yourself by accomplishing everything all at once. I would suggest gradually learning more about what you’re trying to do and reaching out to others who have been through a similar situation. You’d be amazed at the valuable feedback that others have to give.


Start Evaluating What’s Really Worth Your Time

There are only so many hours in a day, and sometimes you have to sacrifice your time towards one thing for another more important task. Unfortunately, you might have to cut something out of your life because it causes you so much stress and worry that it effects your long-term goals as well. Usually, these things tend to be time-suckers as well. This is where you have to be truly honest with yourself and ask if this aspect of your life is truly worth it. That can be an incredibly difficult decision to contemplate, but sometimes it’s necessary to do so.


Even though accomplishing certain goals can seem impossible, especially the older and more settled we get, almost anything is possible when we set our minds to it. There are so many things where I look back and wonder how the heck I accomplished them. Motivation, determination, and ambition were the key factors in my goals that I’ve achieved so far.


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Question of the Week:

What has helped you achieve your goals in the past?

2 thoughts on “Getting What You Want Out of Life

  1. Focusing on them. Sometimes knowing what you want the end result to be, the plan to get there comes to you. No matter if it is having a baby, buying your own place, working in a field you want to work in, etc… if you take time to focus on what your really want in this lifetime in a positive way and WORK HARD towards that goal (it’s not the genie with the three wishes kind of thing) you pretty much get there. After writing this I realized I left out the most important thing: I pray to God to lead me down the right path. If I’m going in the wrong direction he helps get me on the right path and if I don’t understand why at the time I am always Thankful in the long run.

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