I have a confession to make… I’ve been feeling incredibly uninspired lately when it comes to just about everything. I typically pride myself on being a very creative individual, but at the moment I feel completely unmotivated to explore new ideas. Even though I know this feeling plagues everyone at times, it can be really frustrating. I’ve been especially frustrated, since I have to come up with a new topic every week for this blog, and lately that’s been much harder than it looks. Luckily there are so many different avenues of art and history to get amazing inspiration from. Here are a few of my favorites!


Social Media

Social media is probably the most instantaneous and accessible place to get tons of inspiration at once! I like to go to any of my favorite visual platforms to learn how to do things or to inspire my creative designs. Platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube have helped me with so many Halloween costume ideas and other creative ventures. I especially like watching YouTube tutorials when I can’t remember how to achieve a certain functionality in one of my Adobe software programs.



Living in modern society can distract us from the detail and craftsmanship that goes into all of the buildings, statues, and fountains that surround us every day. Now that I work in the Downtown region of my hometown, I notice details in architecture more than I ever did before. Whether something has more of a symmetrical and geometric design or a more organic and whimsical design, you learn to appreciate the thought process that went into it. I like to look up at these kinds of building when I’m walking to and from work to fire up any creative thoughts.



The power of Mother Nature is incredibly moving and inspirational. Whenever I need to relax and calm down I look out a window. Whether that’s the window at my house, my car window, or the window in my office at work. Watching the world happen and nature just exist, in a sense, brings me a great sense of content and appreciation for life. Sometimes I can come up with the most creative ideas when I’m in my “zen” place, which is usually taking place when I’m enjoying my natural surroundings.


Books and Museums

You probably could have guessed it but I’m a big nerd when it comes to browsing bookstores and museums. Art and history are two of the greatest subjects to inspire even the most boring individual to walk this world. I personally love going to museums and bookstores just to admire the creativity of others. The best place to look for some visual inspo is the coffee table book section at your local book store. I bought my boyfriend a coffee table book of 60s and 70s rock album covers last Christmas and I had the best time flipping through the pages before buying it. I don’t believe you should copy great work, but let it lead you to an awesome creative path of your own instead!


Culinary Arts

I know I’m an uncertified foodie, but food can be it’s own category of artwork. From fusions of flavors, to the actual presentation of how the food is oriented, edible inspiration is lurking everywhere! Sometimes I watch cake decorating videos just for fun. The designs, colors, and flavors are enough for me to get my own creative DIY projects going. I know that makes me sound like I’m overthinking it, but trust me on this. Just try not to get hungry in the process, which is much easier said than done.


Your Peers

Last, but definitely not least, your peers can be an incredibly inspiring group of people. Half the time they are what inspire my topics for this blog! They might be helping me out with something, or they might voice something to me that they’re struggling with. Never be afraid to listen to your loved ones, because you never know what special gems they might be hiding!


It’s normal to get stuck in a rut of ideas, but definitely explore these options for some inspiration! There are so many new things to create and explore, so start researching by paying attention to your surroundings!


Infographic of the Week:




Question of the Week:

What inspires you?

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