The human eye is fascinating, despite its many imperfections. Our eyes allow us to read, pay attention to details and take in all the beauty that life has to offer. I myself am a visual learner. I have a much easier time understanding when I can visualize the process or example of the concept at hand. I believe this has a lot to do with my interest in art and design. Even though many social media platforms focus heavily on communication and text, many are also visual-centric. Ironically, these platforms are the ones that also make me a happier and more optimistic person. Out of all of the visual platforms that exist, here are a few of my favorites.



Instagram is one of my all-time favorite social media platforms. It’s the one platform where individuals, communities, and businesses bond over personal images taken from our everyday lives. Over the past few years I’ve followed fellow bloggers, cooks, animal rescue organizations, photographers, and brands that I never even knew existed before. In return, Instagram comes in second (behind Facebook) for getting new readers to check out this blog! By having my account public and using relevant hashtags, I’ve been able to get people curious enough to click the weekly link in my bio section. Once you get past the plethora of selfies and memes (which can be entertaining as well), Instagram is the perfect place to get inspired by others.



Pinterest is awesome, except when you’re trying to diet! All joking aside, there are so many recipes, crafts, drinks, clothing and accessory pins to look at. I love the idea of breaking things up into boards and revisiting your pins anytime you’d like. I mainly use Pinterest for new recipes and Halloween ideas. The featured image typically shows you the end product, and then the link will lead you to the How-To/DIY portion. There are actually a lot of great dieting ideas as well, but I’m always so tempted by the more fattening recipes in the side bar on the screen. If you use Pinterest for diet recipes, just make sure you have A LOT of self-discipline. I admire those of you who do.



I am fairly new to Dribble, but I love it! Dribble is for graphic designers and traditional artists to post digital versions of their work. You can display your artwork just for fun on Dribble, try to get feedback from others in the community or use it as a way to get your foot-in-the door for a job opportunity. I haven’t actually posted any of my own work on there yet, but I do plan to at the some point! It can be pretty intimidating to post since there are so many talented individuals on there, but it’s definitely a platform to check out in your free time!



I’m sure most of you are familiar with YouTube, especially once they were bought up by the Internet giant, Google. YouTube is THE place for fellow visual learners to pick up a new skillset, learn a new song, or just simply satisfy a current curiosity. Pictures can take your breath away, but videos can change your life. Whether it was a ridiculous cartoon or a detailed tutorial, I still remember some of the YouTube videos I used to watch in middle school. I’ve laughed, cried and learned all thanks to this platform.



Vimeo is a lot like YouTube, just not as widely popular. What’s cool about Vimeo is that it attracts a lot of creative filmmakers and artists. You can use Vimeo for the same purposes as YouTube, but I like using it as more of a discovery platform instead. Every time I log in to the home screen on Vimeo, some therapeutically beautiful film footage is playing in the background. The visual appeal is absolutely amazing and will keep you wanting to watch more!



I’ve talked about how to use Snapchat here, because it’s one of the more fun and interactive visual platforms. This is where you can be the silliest version of yourself and let your freak flag fly high. With things such as filters implemented with augmented reality and 10-second micro-videos, SnapChat is the go-to app for many millennials. I personally prefer Instagram over SnapChat, but it is fun to play with filters. I would say SnapChat is more for bonding with your friends than finding true works of art.


Overall, I tend to enjoy the visual platforms more than the text-heavy platforms. With so many uniquely talented people out there, these platforms help strangers from all over the world discover them. Anyone can benefit from these, whether they’re exploring or trying to promote themselves.


Infographic of the Week:



Question of the Week:

What’s something you’ve discovered in a video/picture on social media?

2 thoughts on “The Best Visual Social Media Platforms

  1. I love pintrest and YouTube! I will first discover a craft I like on pintrest and if I feel I need step by step instructions, I will find them on YouTube. I am currently trying to learn to crochet new stitches by doing this.


  2. How to cook!!! I roasted a head of cauliflower a few nights ago. I got the instructions right off of You tube and it was very easy and turned out pretty good!


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