Creativity. It’s the thing that gives us hope to get through our monotonous days, attracts fans to works such as Alice in Wonderland, and advances society from generation to generation. Some of us deem ourselves as more creative than others, but deep down we all have that spark of creativity. In some artistic fields it’s much more prevalent (artists, designers, chefs, etc.), but you still find it in the more scientific fields as well. Even when you look at computer programmers and developers, you’ll see creative differences. To someone like me and you, their code may just look like a bunch of words and symbols scrambled on a screen, but they might be creating the next innovative program that will completely change our lives. Instead of not giving yourself credit for your creative side, I challenge you to channel your creativity and make an impact! Check out the steps below on how to get started.

#1. Refrain from Ruling Out Ideas

Chances are that some of your ideas will sound outlandish out loud. Even if that’s true, do you think that stopped the creators of South Park or Monty Python? If it did, works such as these wouldn’t even exist! Of course it’s good to ere on the side of good taste, but you should also experiment with those crazy thoughts of yours! Start with an in-depth brainstorming session and lay out all of your ideas. From there you can review what you came up with and which ideas have potential to blossom into something bigger!


#2. Find a Way to Organize Your Thoughts

Once you let that creativity flow, find a way that works best for you to organize those thoughts. In my creative advertising class in college, we learned how to use idea maps and match our campaign ideas with a particular product or service’s USP (or Unique Selling Proposition). Some of the campaign ideas were so creative and fitting, while others were absolutely terrible. Sometimes you can’t know the difference until you take a second or third look. It also doesn’t hurt to do this with a peer or two to get genuine feedback.


#3. Learn the Skills and/or Tools You Need to Execute Your Ideas

If your art form is music, learn how to record yourself or play an instrument. If you art form is creating a website, learn a coding language such as HTML and CSS. What I’m trying to say here is that you can’t just be an “idea man” anymore. In order to succeed in this modern world, you have to know/learn how to execute your plan. Nothing is wrong with teaming up with someone who knows more than you in a certain area, but you should at least have some basic knowledge in how you can bring your idea to life.


#4. Be Willing to Take Constructive Criticism

This is probably the hardest pill to swallow for most people. If reality TV competitions such as American Idol and Hell’s Kitchen taught us anything, it’s that nobody enjoys taking criticism. Unfortunately, peer critiquing is essential for your creative project to succeed in the masses of the real world. I say this within reason. If the criticism is constructive, take it into consideration and decide whether you think changing your concept will benefit your or not. On the other hand, if someone is just trying to tear you down, do not pay them any attention. It’s not worth your time and can be detrimental to your confidence in your overall idea.


#5. Learn About Self-Promotion

As someone working in marketing and advertising, I can tell you just how important it is to learn about promoting your work. Nowadays you don’t even have to go through an agent, label, agency, network, etc. to get your idea out there! With digital marketing and social media, you can have a small budget and reach people all over the world! Either take a couple courses (which are available online) or partner with someone who knows a thing or two about digital marketing. It might sound like a luxury now, but in order to get your idea off the ground promoting yourself is a necessity.


Everything we have come to know and love as a society, has been due to someone’s ingenious creative idea! Instead of doubting yourself or putting off your idea for another time, I say act on it! You never know what the pay-off could be!


Infographic of the Week:


Question of the Week:

What is your favorite modern-day invention?






3 thoughts on “Finding Your Creative Outlet

  1. My new favorite invention is this really small wireless speaker that Ted and I bought at Walmart. We pick music from the computer (Pandora or YouTube) and it goes to the tiny speaker and BOOM! We have beautiful, clear music emanating from this tiny box that we can take anywhere in our home or backyard. It is simply amazing!


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