Ever since I can remember, I have started out every summer with dreams, aspirations and goals that I thought I could obtain. Some summers I do accomplish more than others, but most of the time I spent wayyyyyy too much time sleeping in and getting addicted to different TV shows. With the advent of Netflix, this bad habit has only gotten much, much worse. I’ve found if I don’t go out of my way to plan out what I’m going to do with the little bit of summer I do have, it will just fly past me 100 miles-per-hour. In order to accomplish these summer goals, I encourage you to make a summer bucket-list! Summer should be fun and spontaneous, but you should definitely have an overall checklist. These are the things that you should consider when making that list…


Plan Out Any Trips/Vacations Now!

I mainly say this for two reasons. First of all, you usually have to give your job some kind of notice before you take time off. Second of all, booking hotel rooms and airplane flights is usually cheaper the earlier you do it. Unless you have a job that lets you travel all over the world with no expense to you, then you have to plan for any kind of vacation that you plan to take. I do encourage you to take at least one trip, even if it’s just a road trip this summer. Sometimes it’s nice to explore the world around you, even if you prefer your hometown. Traveling either opens your eyes to other cultures and people, or it can make you grateful for what you already have.


Fight Your Laziness By Staying Active

I’ll be the first to admit it- I can be a hypocrite at times for this one. It’s hard to get into that active state of mind! If you start to go on hikes, take short walks and force yourself to the gym, you’ll start to see that you’ll feel a lot more productive. Since we have more daylight in the summertime, it’s important that we take advantage of it! Staying cooped up in your house is an easy way to succumb to depression. From my own experience, depression leads to laziness and binge eating, which makes it harder to pull off that tan and toned summer body!


If You Can Do the Same Thing Outside, Then Do It!

Certain things can be done either inside or outside, so why not opt for some outside activities? This can include exercising, taking your lunch break, reading a book, etc. We all thrive off of the Vitamin D that the sun provides us. It makes us happier and more hopeful when accomplishing what we want to do. Another thing to remember is that this beautiful weather will not last forever! Fall and Winter are just around the corner again, so make sure they don’t sneak up on you before you got a chance to bask in the sun!


Get Some Beach (or Pool) Days in on Your Days Off.

Going to the beach (or the pool depending on where you live) is a main staple of summer fun! This is where you get to enjoy water-filled activities, meet other people and simply enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. For some of us, this also means working on that tan! I’ve never been a big swimmer, but I still enjoy going to the beach. Something about watching the waves and feeling the sun beating down on your skin is extremely therapeutic.


Spend More Money on Experiences Instead of Objects

It’s easy to want to spend money on clothes, makeup, food, and drinks, but that takes away money from having certain experiences! There are certain once-in-a-lifetime experiences that might cost a little too much money, but are worth the memories in the long-run. For instance, I like attending the San Diego County Fair each year even though the food and rides are overpriced. There are also other things I’d like to try doing this year such as the Malibu Wine Safari and going to certain Museums in Los Angeles. I rather eat at home for a few days and wear the same clothes from last summer, just in order to experience these things.


Everyone relaxes and decompresses in different ways, so don’t take this as a literal guide. I’ve just found that planning with these things in mind help me unwind and become more of a fun and joyful person. Just remember, that frigid winter weather is right around the corner, so take advantage of the golden opportunities right in front of you!

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Question of the Week:

What is something that you want to accomplish this summer?

2 thoughts on “What to Consider When Planning Out Your Summer

  1. I want to sell my house, but a lot of this depends on other people. I feel I have little to no control of this process so will throw my hands in the air and let the realtor do his job!

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