[noh-mad] n. a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply.


Now that we know what a nomad is (courtesy of, what the heck is a digital nomad? Well according to…

Digital nomads are people who are location independent and use technology to perform their job. Digital nomads work remotely (telecommute), which is now economically possible due to cheap internet access, smartphones and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to keep in contact with clients and employers.


If you’ve ever had an idea that you felt set you apart from the crowd, now is your time to act on it! You can easily become a digital nomad due to some of the factors that I have listed below.

Technology & Mobility

Technology is evolving continuously! We now live in a world where many people have laptops, smartphones, tablets, and/or smart watches. With IoT (Internet of Things) advancing by the minute, we’ll soon live in a world where everything can access the Internet. Even though that can sound absolutely terrifying to many of us, it’s great for digital nomads! Not only does this mean that you have access to being your own boss from almost anywhere, your followers and/or customers will have access to viewing whatever you have to offer 24/7. Thanks to technology such as this, you’ve seen more writers emerge (myself included) and you’ve seen a number of employees start to work from home. The archaic cubicle has now become the comfy sofa or the corner table at the local Starbucks, so why not take advantage of it?


Access to Education

I’ve mentioned this in several of my blog posts before, but I’m going to mention it again. You can almost teach yourself anything with online tutorials! There are several platforms out there such as, YouTube, Vimeo and Udemy, that are great for using videos to help teach a variety of subject matter. For the online portion of  my IMCP program, I was required to take an HTML and CSS course on the website I personally hate programming due to a horrendous experience with Java in high school, but this time around I got to learn and practice at my own pace. I actually ended up enjoying learning this coding language. I cannot not say the same thing for other languages, but Codecademy showed me that I can tackle something that has always been challenging for me. Once I keep practicing, I plan to use my new-found coding skills to better this blog!



Compared to 50 years ago, we are living in a much more inclusive global environment (despite some events that have happened in the last year). In many places throughout the world, several sub-cultures have fused into one, creating a brand new generation of open-minded individuals. Much of this is due to education and technology, since we have not only learned more about each other, but we’ve been able to communicate more efficiently. In order to grow with the times, we all need to embrace our changing world.


You might be debating starting a blog, business, or consultint service. Why not dip your toes into becoming a digital nomad before you fully commit? Even if you fail, you’ll acquire much-needed digital skills that will always be valuable. If you are interested in any of these things, research, have a game plan and then get started!


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Would you ever consider starting your own online business?



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