When people hear the words holiday, celebration, or party, they either feel pure joy or pure irritation. Not only do these events somewhat force everyone to pretend to be happy, but they usually involve spending money on gifts. I love the festivities that come with these gatherings, but I tend to be a procrastinator when it comes to buying presents. In the modern age of gift cards and e-cards, it can be very hard to make someone feel special on their own special day. Here are some pointers that have helped me get creative when it comes to the gift of giving.


Make Sure Your Gift is Wrapped

I know, I know, the idea of wrapping a gift sounds pointless. Technically it is, but it does serve one important purpose. That purpose it to make the person receiving it feel special. Sometimes, you can get a crappy gift, but it will feel more meaningful if you put time into your wrapping. It sounds weird out loud, but trust me on this one. If you’re looking for unique wrapping paper and gift bags, I suggest stopping by places like Cost Plus World Market, Paper Source, or Pier 1 Imports. My boyfriend recently started working part-time at a local toy store. I’ve always loved the gifts he’s given me, but he usually didn’t bother wrapping them. At his new job, they taught him how to wrap toys within the first week. This past Valentine’s Day, not only did I get an awesome stuffed animal and mini air hockey table, but they were wrapped beautifully. I’m not going to lie, it made it even more special!


Include a Unique Card

Cards are another one of those things that can feel slightly overrated, but they help spruce up your gift. I personally like funny cards or pretty cards. If you’re looking for funny, I’d suggest World Market again or even your local car wash. For some reason car washes always have funny cards, and I really don’t know why. If you’re looking for beautiful and detail-oriented cards, it never hurts to get one made by Papyrus. Most grocery stores and CVS stores carry Papyrus cards as well. My rule of thumb is to put more effort into the card if the gift is simply a gift card or cash. If you’re giving a more tangible gift, you shouldn’t put as much effort into the card.


Go to a Specialty Store

From my experience, guys are much harder to shop for than girls. There are so many fun things that girls like such as makeup, accessories, clothing, etc. For some of my guy friends I tend to go to specialty stores that either have unique or humorous products. Not only does it look like you put thought into your gift, but it’s something unique that will definitely put a smile on their face. If you don’t have any stores like this in your neighborhood, try getting some inspiration off of Pinterest and then search for it on Amazon! You’d be amazed at what you can find on the Internet. Pinterest is also great for DIY gifts if you’re on a tight budget!


When in Doubt, Throw in Drinks or Food

If you’re really in a time crunch, fall back on what every human loves. That’s right, I’m talking about booze, food, and candy. Specialty candy can be great for holiday gifts! It can be chocolate, peppermint bark, a basket of olives, bread, and cheese- honestly, you name it! If it’s someone’s birthday or if you’re invited to a dinner party, it never hurts to bring a bottle of wine or classy liquor. That’s probably not the best time to gift plastic bottle vodka. Also, if the person is a recovering alcoholic, use your common sense and bring a food item instead! This is one of those areas where you should definitely trust your gut!


At the end of the day, gift giving centers around the idea of  “it’s the thought that counts”. Your main goal is to make that person feel special and loved. If you just simply hand them a visa gift card, they’re going to feel like an after-thought (even if they can buy whatever they want with it).


Infographic of the Week:



Question of the Week:

What is the best gift you have ever received?




2 thoughts on “A Gift Giver’s Guide to Making People Feel Special

  1. The best gift I ever received was the rocking chair my sister Nancy gave me when I was expecting my daughter Mindy. It was a large gift, and expensive for the time, and it sort of signified that the new baby was a really BIG deal for our entire family. I still love the chair and always think of Nancy dragging that big rocking chair into my home back in 1981, Great times and Great memories!!!!

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