The older you get the more you hear, “It’s time to face you fears and get out of your comfort zone!” There are many things you have to do as an adult that force you to get out of your safe space. This could mean finding a new job, giving a presentation, moving to a new place, or so many other things! In my opinion, there are two types of people when it comes to facing their fears: those that face them head on and those that hold off for as long as physically possible. Unfortunately, I’m typically part of the second group.

Certain social situations can make my skin crawl. If I don’t feel comfortable around a new group of people, it can almost have this crippling power over my anxiety. The simplest introduction becomes a giant hurdle that I need to find a way to jump over. Don’t even get me started on large presentations! Many times I have had to suck it up and confront my fears simply because I couldn’t afford not to. This is still a constant struggle for me, but this is what I’ve learned so far.


Weigh Out the Pros & Cons

Sometimes we are so miserable in our current situation that it nearly forces us to do something we normally wouldn’t. For many this means applying for new jobs, going back to school, or meeting new people. In most cases the cons in your given situation have to outweigh the pros. If you’re still extremely hesitant, I suggest making a list with pen and paper of the pros and cons of staying where you are right now in life. I know this sounds tedious and pointless, but sometimes we need to visually comprehend all of our uncertainties before we can be satisfied with making a leap forward.


Do Your Research

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve googled, “How to calm your nerves before a presentation.” Even though it can feel like you’re the only person in the world who has ever been this scared or nervous, you aren’t. There are plenty of people who have great advice to offer out there! I remember finding a relaxation technique online that I now use before presentations. I start off by taking deep breaths and picturing a blue triangle. The more I focus on the shape and breathe, the more I calm down. I would have never thought to do that before going out of my way to research it. If you’re the type of person who gets nervous before interviews, you should check out a website called, Big Interview. Not only do they give you fantastic tips, but they also allow you to record yourself and practice.


Come Up with a Plan & Practice

I know, I know, I’m a big advocate of planning. When you go into something that makes you feel uneasy, it never hurts to have a plan! If it’s an actual presentation or performance you have to give, then having a plan that you actually practice is even more necessary. Part of fear is facing what is unknown. If you make the unknown a little more, well… known, then you’re more apt to be successful in confronting your fears. You know how the saying goes, practice makes perfect!


Getting out of your comfort zone will never come easy to anyone, but it’s all about how you mentally approach it. By doing these small things ahead of time, you’ll be a little more at ease before you take the plunge!

Infographic of the Week:


Question of the Week:

What’s a situation that pulled you out of your comfort zone?

8 thoughts on “Why It’s Time to Start Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

  1. All situations pull me out of my comfort zone. (Can you tell that we are related?) Anyway, all NEW situations pull me out of my comfort zone. After they aren’t new anymore, they become comfortable. For example, I also hate speaking in front of people, but after accepting a job as a teacher, I had no choice. Now I am used to it and it is no big deal. Of course, if the crowd is anything but teenagers, I get stressed out all over again.

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  2. I met with a trainer at the YMCA this week. This is something I never thought I would do because I am somewhat of an introvert and like to go to the gym when no one is there. I decided to do this because I needed to get out and exercise on a regular basis and I want to be accountable and start a habit. I’m really glad I did! I learned how to use new equipment and how to make my exercise routine work for me. I think each time I meet with the trainer I’ll feel less and less subconscious.

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