Now that almost everyone and everything is incorporated into the world of social media, many wonder how to use each platform. The general rule of thumb you’ll hear from most people is that Facebook is for connecting with your friends and family, Instagram is for sharing pictures, and LinkedIn is to stay updated with fellow professionals in your field. Even though LinkedIn is where most people log on for networking, I’d argue that Twitter might make more of an impact. Twitter, really? Yes- believe it or not here is why I think being active (professionally) on Twitter pays off even more.


You Can Retweet Industry-Related Content

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, retweeting is the equivalent to sharing on Facebook. In my case, I follow other marketers, advertisers, and designers on Twitter that tend to share blog posts and articles related to industry secrets and news. If I find something particularly interesting on my Twitter feed, I’ll retweet it to my followers. Not only is it flattering to the person who originally shared the content, but you might attract new followers in that particular industry.


You Can Advertise Your Services or Search for Others’ Services

Almost every social platform allows you to have a brief bio on your home page. Twitter is the same exact way! Many people explain who they are and what they do in their bio. You’re also allowed to have a link to a website on your bio, so it’s a great place to put your own website link if you have one! If people start to follow you or like your tweets, they can go to your profile to learn even more about who you are and what you do.


You Can Network in Twitter Chats

I like Twitter because you come off as more authentic than LinkedIn. Everyone knows your there to network on LinkedIn, but when you’re on Twitter it seems like you’re there to communicate. LinkedIn is great for short-term networking, where Twitter can be great for long-term networking. One way to help with long-term networking is by participating in Twitter chats. I wrote a whole post on Twitter chats here, if you’d like to see how they work! I haven’t been able to participate in any lately due to my new schedule with work and school, but I plan to return to my usual chats as soon as I can.


If you’re new to Twitter, you should make an account and explore! It’s incredibly easy to sign up and you can follow almost anyone or anything! I hope these tips help and I’ll see you next week!


Infographic of the Week:


Question of the Week:

What’s a networking tip that has helped you in the past?



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